UNC Basketball: Hansbrough almost went to another school?!

DETROIT - APRIL 06: (L-R) Head coach Roy Williams and Tyler Hansbrough
DETROIT - APRIL 06: (L-R) Head coach Roy Williams and Tyler Hansbrough /

Tyler Hansbrough recently told a story about his recruitment that could’ve drastically changed history for the UNC basketball program.

In the new world of podcasting, we get to see a side of athletes that we didn’t necessarily get to see in the past.

One of the big things that is typically discussed on podcasts, especially ones that focus on the sport of basketball, is the recruitment process for the interview subject.

Everyone has a different recruitment experience, and Tyler Hansbrough spoke about his during his appearance on Tidal League’s “Run Your Race Podcast,” hosted by fellow UNC basketball alum Theo Pinson.

Tar Heel fans don’t want to even think about this, but Hansbrough, arguably the greatest player in UNC basketball history, almost didn’t make his way to Chapel Hill.

Hansbrough told the story about his visit to Florida, one that left him thinking he would ultimately commit to the Gators.

Fortunately, the program’s all-time leading scorer had a change of heart, as he cites his relationships with the coaches, most notably Roy Williams, as the reason he made his way to Chapel Hill.

These types of stories serve as “what if” scenarios, as we look back and think what could’ve been if things ended differently. Of course, we didn’t know it at the time, but this would’ve been a historic loss for North Carolina if Hansbrough ended up in Gainsville.

I think we can all agree: history worked out in our favor in regard to this situation!

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