UNC Basketball: A Thank You Letter to Leaky Black

As Leaky Black’s UNC basketball career is officially over, I wanted to take a moment to thank him for all he’s done during his five years as a Tar Heel.

Dear Leaky Black,

Your UNC basketball career didn’t end the way we all expected, as you deserved a much better ending to your time in Chapel Hill.

However, this doesn’t change how much you’ve meant to the UNC basketball program and Tar Heel faithful over the last five seasons, including myself.

In a world where student-athletes can easily pick up and move on when things aren’t going right, you decided to stick it out, not making excuses, but rather, putting in the necessary work to be the very best you could be not only for yourself but for the program as a whole.

The social media hate and scrutiny you received showcases the harsh reality of what our world has grown to, and by no means did you deserve to go through that.

Regardless of the outside noise, one thing was for certain:

Every time you put on that North Carolina uniform, you put forward your best effort.

You never had to be the leading scorer or be the top player in terms of stats, yet you did so many of the “little things” that often go unnoticed but matter so much towards a team winning a basketball game.

You became one of the country’s top defensive players, and we all had so much fun watching you lock down some of the opposing team’s top-scoring threats. When the Tar Heels needed a big stop, we knew you were the one to make it happen.

On the court, you became a valuable asset for the Tar Heels. Off the court, you gave us a great glimpse of the challenges that student-athletes face, reminding us that you all are, in fact, human.

As someone who has severe anxiety, I truly understand the challenges of overcoming the obstacles that come along with it. I was very embarrassed by it, but you made me realize that I shouldn’t be.

I thought to myself, “If Leaky Black, who plays basketball in front of thousands of people can face his anxiety, so can I.”

Ever since then, I truly feel as if I’ve taken tremendous steps toward overcoming my anxiety, and I have you to thank for opening my eyes and providing me with a whole new perspective.

I’m going to miss watching you play for the UNC basketball program, but I know all good things must come to an end.

Wherever life takes you, just know that I (and a bunch of other Tar Heels fans) will always be rooting for you.

Once a Tar Heel, ALWAYS a Tar Heel.

Thank you, Leaky Black.


Nick Delahanty
Site Expert- Keeping It Heel