UNC Basketball: Brady Manek performs classic rock in bathroom

Brady Manek and some of his UNC basketball teammates are having fun courtesy of TikTok, as they performed some classic rock music in the senior’s latest post.

If you’re not already following Brady Manek on TikTok, we’re sorry to tell you but you’re clearly missing out!

The UNC basketball standout only has four posts currently on his account. Although the number of posts is low, his views on each video have been skyrocketing.

After the Tar Heels took care of UCLA in their Sweet 16 matchup, Manek, along with the help of some of his teammates, put together a classic rock performance on the app.

As Inside Carolina’s Ross Martin noted, Manek, along with the walk-ons performed the song “Your Love” by The Outfield. Just 10 hours after the video was posted, it accumulated over 416 thousand views.

This is not the only March Madness TikToks that Manek has put together. To keep superstition going, “Manek and the walk-ons” have posted a short dance video to Nelly Furtado’s “Say It Right” after each tournament victory.

@bradymanek #duet with @jamie32bsh #Roundof32 #FortWorthVibes #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Say it Right – 👛

@bradymanek #duet with @bradymanek Still Dancing! @jwatkins_30 @creightonlebo #Elite8 #fyp #marchmadness ♬ Say it Right – 👛

After Manek’s ejection against Baylor, the senior transfer knew that he cost his teammates some laps in practice. Apologizing to the walk-ons, who would be the ones running what is called a 22, which is two down-and-backs the length of the court in 22 seconds, Creighton Lebo was quoted as saying: “I’d crawl down the length of the court for you.”

It’s videos like these that show us all the type of camaraderie that this team has built throughout the season.

Manek hasn’t been in Chapel Hill long, but it’s incredible how much of an impact he has made during his time with the program. It’s been a lot of fun watching him play, and his social media posts add even more entertainment to the mix.

I think I can wholeheartedly speak for all fans of the UNC basketball program:

We NEED more “Manek and the walk-ons” content!!!

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