March Madness: Ranking mascots in the East Region

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It is officially Tournament time.

Tuesday night America got their first glimpses of this years field and it really wasn’t pretty. Both games were blow outs by the end. Fairleigh Dickinson didn’t even come to play it seemed as they trailed 40-19 at half. Vandy was at least tied at half before the Shockers pulled away.

So with UNC a one seed for the first time since 2012, the team here at Keeping It Heel is working overtime to provide many great articles to get your blood pumping for some real tournament action. I know some of you out there are still waiting to fill out your bracket and the KIH Rankings Guru is here to help you through the East Region.

Earlier this week I released my rankings of the East region based on strength of team. This time I am helping out those people who like to think outside the box by ranking the Mascots as well.

Before we begin let me bring up the five teams that do not have an official mascot. Some of these schools may have a guy run around in some heavy Disney-esque costume, but do not officially acknowledge said mascot. So for those out there in a need of quick early exits go on a cross Florida Gulf Coast, Stephen F Austin, Michigan, Indiana, and Xavier from your brackets.

So without further ado here are how the rest of the mascots stand up against the field, starting with three of the feline nature.

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