UNC at Miami Inside Enemy Territory

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C6: Is there any update on P.J. Hairston’s injured foot? If he is unable to go, how big of an issue is depth for the Heels?

KIH: PJs foot was examined today and he went through light activity in practice.  His status is day to day and Roy is keeping a tight lid on any other information.  My guess is he will be a game time decision.  UNC is extremely thin on the wings without Hairston.  The Heels have lost Leslie McDonald and Dexter Strickland for the season already.  Hairston has been struggling on the offensive end of late but gives us another shooter to stretch the defense.  His replacement senior Justin Watts gives us nothing on offense but is a much better defender.

C6: Which players on Miami pose the biggest threat to UNC? Which players on Carolina do you expect to have big games against
the U?

KIH: After watching what Reggie Johnson destroy Duke, you’ve got to worry about that guy.  But considering the Heels are stacked with post players, I don’t see him doing the same to UNC.  Kenny Kadji is the player I think can do the most damage against UNC.  He shoots a high percentage and is decent off the glass.  In reality, UNC should easily win every single match up in this game it’s just a matter of executing.

C6: The team rebounded from an awful loss to Duke by beating UVA. Is there any lingering hangover from the Duke loss? Which players on UNC have been hot, and which have been struggling?

KIH: Hangover, sure, you can’t avoid that with a home loss to Duke.  Tyler Zeller in particular took it pretty hard.  Oh the court, the team seemed to play with an extra sense of urgency to put Virginia away for good.  I feel strongly that losses, especially heart breakers like that one build character.  UNC has trouble executing in the final moments of tight ball games, sometimes you have to fail before you can succeed.

Zeller has been very hot as of late and carried UNC the entire first half against Duke.  Z is establishing the fact that he, not Harrison Barnes is the leader of this team.  Reggie Bullock and PJ Hairston have been struggling shooting the ball as of late.  The Heels are getting nothing from beyond the arc and need Reggie and PJ to turn things around soon.

C6: How many teams do you see making the tournament from the ACC? Which teams do you see making it?

KIH: I think we’re going to see UNC, Duke, FSU, and Virginia getting in for sure.  After that it’s tough to see anyone getting in to me.  NC State still has UNC, Duke and FSU on their schedule so their out.  I don’t see Miami getting in either with eight losses and UNC and FSU on the schedule.  After that the rest of the conference has ten or more losses so you can’t seriously consider them right now.  Anything can happen in college basketball and all it would take is a better than expected finish by Miami or NC State to earn a bid.  If Miami pulls off the upset against Carolina that puts them in save a complete collapse otherwise.

C6: How do you see Wednesday’s game going down?  What is your prediction and which players will be key?

KIH: Miami will give UNC trouble in the first because the Heels have a lot of trouble establishing themselves on the road early.  Once the Heels take control of the pace of the game, the U doesn’t stand a chance.  I see the game blown open by mid second half, 15-20 point Tar Heel victory.  Zeller and John Henson should kill Miami inside, the length of these two is just too much for Miami.

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