UNC Football Recruiting: Tar Heel National Signing Day Wrap Up


Now that National Signing Day is in the books.  Let’s take a look at Larry Fedora’s 2012 class.  It’s time for the UNC Tar Heel National Signing Day Wrap Up!    Mostly, it happened the way we thought it would happen going into the day.  UNC has signed a total of  23 recruits to its 2012 class so far.  I say so far in an annoyed tone because the Heels are still waiting on one very big recruit Davonte Neal.  The WR/CB/PR/KR Deion Sanders type of player in this class that the Heels intend on playing all 3 ways if he signs.  Is still taking his time and visiting schools, while UNC is one of the leaders, it is rumored that scum bag Urban Meyer is moving in and Ohio State could steal the prized recruit.  It pains me to say this but Meyer worked wonders with the Buckeye class.  In short time “The Ohio State University” (nice job coming up with that nifty, extremely generic nickname guys) has one of the top classes in the country, landing Neal may tip the scales.

Aside from the Neal fiasco the Heels had a great day.  Although major outlets ranking the classes today put the Heels somewhere between 6th and 8th in the ACC recruiting class rankings this was still a very strong class.  Teams like Florida State and Miami had huge days, as historic football powerhouses that is no surprise.  Fedora’s task is building the program to the point that everybody expects UNC to bring in elite talent, just like the basketball team.  I hate to beat this drum yet again but landing a player like Davonte Neal would do wonders for the program.  Taking it a step further, and developing a player like him into an elite player at the college level, would be huge for the program.

The biggest key for the 2012 recruiting class is what Fedora can get out of them on the field.  This recruiting season, Fedora and his staff were behind the eight ball.  A program coming off turmoil from the previous regime.  Going to the program late in the recruiting season, the mystery of whether or not the commits from the Butch Davis regime would stick with Carolina or not.  All this and still coaching his previous team to a bowl victory.  All considered, I’m very impressed with the staff that was put together.  Fedora and the boys obviously did a nice job of communicating with recruits in short time.  Every single player the Heels expected to sign today, signed, all 23 of them.  The team also secured a couple of players they weren’t sure about.  We’ll see how they perform on the field before getting too excited or dishing out too much credit.  But for now, great job UNC Football.

For a complete list of all the signings visit our National Recruiting Day Open Thread column HERE.

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