Carolina Hoops: ACC Play Looms


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It’s almost January and that means the fun part of the College Basketball Season is right around the corner.  Conference play begins in the ACC in just under 2 weeks.  UNC has just 2 games left of its mostly cupcake 9 game home stand.  With just one game left against Monmouth, UNC must keep its focus and not look ahead to BC on January 7th.  The Heels had perhaps their best defensive performance against Texas, an encouraging sign going into league play.

We’re getting very close to the time when Roy Williams nails down his final rotation.  I expect him to go with 8 regulars.  The starting 5 along with James Michael McAdoo, Reggie Bullock and PJ HairstonDesmond Hubert looks good defensively and is a natural off the glass.  He is lost offensively and is going to take some time to develop.  I don’t think he’s ready for regular duty and should only play in mop up duty his freshman season.  I’m very interested to see if Roy Williams agrees with me.  Stillman White isn’t ready either.  Dexter Strickland is doing a fine job as the backup point to Kendall Marshall.

I’m tired of the weak games, this couldn’t come at a better time.  And I love “Blue Steel” I do.  But I’m tired of watching the scrubs.  Let’s tighten up this rotation and get to the real games shall we?

ACC Game Previews After The Jump

Boston College January 7th Chapel Hill:  The Heels square off with BC in their first ACC match-up in the comforts of the Dean Smith Center.  And for those of you that kept reading.  I have a confession, I lied to you all.  The weak games continue against an awful BC team.  This should, and will be, another rout.

At 5-9, the Eagles haven’t played anybody worth mentioning outside of #23 Harvard.  Who crushed them by 21 points.  Boston College should feel right at home in the Dean Dome getting blown out.  This season BCs avg margin of defeat is a staggering 15.2 points.  They rank an embarrassing 300th in the nation in scoring at a mere 61.8 ppg.  A look at the rest of the stats doesn’t make things look any better for BC.  Ranking 309th, 256th, and 247th in the nation in rebounding, assists and field goal percentage.  Compare that to UNCs stats for a minute and tell me what you think the outcome is going to be.

I hate to kick a dead horse, but I’ll glady stomp an ACC horse with my Heel all day long when given the chance.  Typically it’s elementary when doing a game preview to take a look at the other teams personnel.  Someone’s got to be the leader of the team, the Heels need to account for somebody, right?  No, not in this case.  All of Boston College completely sucks, sorry to be so blunt about it.  But how can I be any other way when their top scorer puts up a whopping 11.3 ppg.  And why would I even need to bother mentioning that the Heels are going to win the rebounding contest?  It’s as obvious as watching the JV scrimmage the big boys, you know who’s going to win.

Once again this game is about how much can UNC dominate.  How many points can they score?  Will PJ Hairstons jumper come back?  Who will have the biggest game?

Still, as little competition as BC will give the Heels, the wait is over.  ACC play is here!

Check back everyday as we continue to look at the Heels upcoming ACC schedule.  I’ll also have more on the BC match up, when I sit down with the poor saps over at the BC affiliate site, later this week.

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