UNC Football Recruiting: Interview with 2013 OL RJ Prince

Keeping It Heel recently had the pleasure of sitting down with 2013 offensive tackle commit RJ Prince out of Albemarle, NC.  Prince is rated as a four star prospect and is the highest profile commit thus far for new North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora’s 2013 class.  At 6-6, 295, Prince is a dominating run blocker, his advanced footwork and superior athleticism make him a big time prospect at the collegiate level.  Prince has the type of talent that screams NFL Draft pick.

Listen to the audio of the interview below

KIH: You originally committed to Clemson, then changed your commitment to Carolina.  How much are you still being recruited by other Universities?

RJP: Each week my head coach gets about 30 or so letters from schools in there.  I don’t open them or anything like that, I’m fully set on Carolina.

KIH: What was the big thing about UNC that you enjoyed?

RJP: The thing I enjoyed is coach Fedora.  He is bringing energy to the campus and all that.  I think this upcoming season it will just be a lot of electricity.  I love the campus.  And I believe that Fedora and his staff are going to usher in a new era of UNC football.  One that will leave everyone marveling at this new concept.  It’s basically a revolution in my mind.

KIH: Scouts are raving about your ability to run block and your potential to be a big time bull dozing tackle at the next level.  What I see on tape is an agile OT that can move, pull if he needs to, and gets to the next level quick.  In other words, I see a LT who can really pass block, what do you think is the strength in your game?

RJP: My versatility and athleticism, a lot of people see me as a DE, thinking I’m 250 lbs.  I’m actually 285-290, my flexibility can make people go off the wall sometimes.  My explosiveness coming off the ball, I have good pad leverage and can grab people off the line of scrimmage.  My coaches say I’m the best OL my school has ever seen and I’m honored to hear them say that.

KIH: What aspects of your game are you looking to improve on this year?

RJP: I put time into improving all aspects of my blocking.  I spend about an hour after practice everyday working on my fundamentals, watching film, grading myself on past performances.  Staying fresh on the fundamentals.

KIH:Are you attending any camps by the scouting companies such as Rivals or Scouts this summer?  If so do you think a fifth star is in your future?

RJP:I’m not the one, I don’t (pay attention) to the stars and such.  That’s just how they evaluate you and stuff, they know what you need to have in order to play at the college level.  I’m not really the one to take the rankings and make that a goal in my mind.  I just want to go out there and perform and do my best.

KIH:Do you play any other positions at all for your HS team besides the OL?

RJP:They put me in at the NT on the goal line.  We call it the Tank position.  I would say my main goal is to take out the center, that’s it.  I blitz up the middle and take care of that.  I’ve played DT since I’ve been in middle school.

KIH:Have you always played the OL growing up?

RJP:Yes, OL and DT since I’ve been in middle school.

KIH:How much time do your coaches spend talking to you about academics and being a good person?

RJP: All the coaches talk to me about academics.  You have to have that if you want to play college ball.  That’s the one thing they harped on, you can’t take that for granted.

KIH: Do you know any of the other UNC commits from North Carolina in the class?

RJP: Brian (Walker), Des (Desmond Lawrence), Khris (Francis), Korn (Korrin Wiggins), Jordan (Fieulleteau) we’re all tight, we’re just one big family.  I try and get to some of the other recruits.  The idea, of playing for your state.  That’s what really sets everything apart because you know, with all the other prospects from North Carolina.  We all get this is something special.  And this, it blew my mind really.

KIH: Are you doing any recruiting to any of the uncommitted prospects?

RJP: Yeah Conner (Mitch), Tyquan (Lewis), with Tyquan he is very unpredictable.  We tried to get past that, he’s gone on a lot of visits and all that.  He was very close to pulling the trigger last weekend.  But he had a change of heart or something so I’m going to have to get back on him.  Lewis Neal as well, trying to get on him.  Me and the other commits are trying to get on em and get them on board.



KIH:  It’s amazing how fast Fedoras NC Dream Team has swept through the state given the lack of local commits in 2012.  Is that something that surprises you?

RJP:Yeah, in my mind, I really think.  Coach Withers made the football program seem like there was no electricity in it, you know what I mean?  I really think that coach Withers and his staff, made the whole 2011-12 football season, made it live up to the statement like it was a wine and cheese atmosphere and they really didn’t try and sell the program.  They didn’t really do a good job of trying to come out and get recruits really.  With coach Fedora he turned it around really.  Really, quick, he turned it around.

KIH: With UNC being a basketball school, is that something that bothered you at all?  Are you a basketball fan?

RJP: Yeah I’m a big basketball fan.  I played last season for about ten games and dropped like 40 pounds,  now I’m back up to 295 area, I play basketball, I’m really good at it.  But when your weights dropping I had to move on from it because football you know that’s the future.

KIH: Anything Tar Heel Nation should know about RJ Prince?

RJP: I’m going to give my all when I get up there.  As for right now I’m trying to get the NCDT train rolling and get some recruits to jump on.  I’m going to be there next year and give my all to you.

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