UNC Women's Basketball extends offer to Class of 2027 standout

Isabella Mitrovic Marion announced on social media that she has been the latest player to receive an offer from the UNC women's basketball program.
North Carolina v Duke
North Carolina v Duke / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

The UNC women's basketball program is wasting no time thinking about the future.

Isabella Mitrovic Marion, a Class of 2027 small/power forward, announced on social media on Sunday afternoon that she has receieved an offer from the University of North Carolina after an unofficial visit to Chapel Hill.

The year 2027 may seem like an eternity away, but Marion seems to be a generational talent that many schools do not want to miss out on. Marion is already a member of the Denmark national team. She is already listed as 6-foot-4 at the age of 15. With still more time to grow and refine any skills needed, Marion could be a great fit for any program.

Within the past two weeks, Isabella Mitrovic Marion has announced on X that she has received offers from the following schools: North Carolina, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, and the University of Virginia. Safe to say Marion is a hot commodity among ACC scouts.

Outside of the ACC, there are other major NCAA Division 1 schools that are recognizing Marion's talents. Mississippi State, Yale, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, and Colorado have provided Mation with an offer as well.

Of those schools who have extended Marion an offer, one seems to have an advantage and it's not North Carolina. Marion has a brother, Marqus Mitrovic Marion, who plays basketball for the Wake Forest Deamon Deacons.

Marqus is just a freshman will likely spend four years in Winston-Salem the next four years barring a transfer decision. If that is the case, Marqus could leave Wake Forest as his little sister enters. We have often seen that siblings and parents enjoy creating legacies at institutions.

It is hard to speculate what the Tar Heels will need by the time Isabella Mitrovic Marion plays college basketball, but she seems to be a piece that programs are willing to build around. Courtney Banghart will have stiff competition but hopes to land Marion in Chapel Hill.

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