UNC Basketball 2023-2024 season review: Jalen Washington

Let's take a look back on Jalen Washington's season and discuss his future with the UNC basketball program
Notre Dame v North Carolina
Notre Dame v North Carolina / Peyton Williams/GettyImages
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What should Washington improve upon?

There is no question that Jalen Washington can put the ball in the basket. However, the only way that he can score is if he is facing the basket. With his size, he may be able to shoot over most defenders, but he could afford to add some versatility to his offensive game by learning to score with his back to the basket and becoming a better passer out of the post.

While Washington may pose a height advantage in many situations, most of his matchups take advantage of his comparative lack of strength. Washington seems to get scored on a lot and is not as good a rim protector as he should be. Look for him to focus on this aspect of his game this off-season.