UNC Basketball 2023-2024 season in review: Elliot Cadeau

Our UNC Basketball 2023-2024 season in review begins with Elliot Cadeau, a very talented freshman who has plenty of room to grow.
Alabama v North Carolina
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Should Elliot Cadeau return to North Carolina for his sophomore season?

It is safe to say that amidst his shooting woes, Elliot Cadeau did not perform well enough in the 2023-2024 season to consider entering the NBA draft, although we all know he has NBA potential.

Cadeau absolutely should return to North Carolina for a sophomore season. Regardless of whether R.J. Davis and Harrison Ingram leave, the Tar Heels will still have a wealth of talent and can compete at a high level. More time with a great shooting coach like Hubert Davis could help Elliot Cadeau with his perimeter-scoring troubles and move him up to a first-round draft pick.