UNC Basketball 2023-2024 season in review: Elliot Cadeau

Our UNC Basketball 2023-2024 season in review begins with Elliot Cadeau, a very talented freshman who has plenty of room to grow.
Alabama v North Carolina
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What are Cadeau's areas of strength?

It is easy to tell that Elliot Cadeau is wise beyond his years when it comes to the game of basketball. To see a kid who should have been a senior in high school facilitate North Carolina's offense this past season was truly remarkable.

Cadeau sees the floor better than most point guards in the nation. Sometimes even his teammates are blown away by his ability to thread the needle through traffic and put them in prime scoring position.

By seeing the floor the way he does, Cadeau also takes advantage of the smallest driving lane to attack the basket. Most defenders play off of Cadeau, daring him to take jumpshots. However, even then, his hesitation move and burst of speed can get him past just about anyone.