Son of Hubert Davis will join the UNC Basketball program for the 2024-25 season

Elijah Davis, the son of Hubert Davis, will transfer to North Carolina for his senior season.
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Practice Day - Charlotte
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Practice Day - Charlotte / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

As if RJ and Hubert weren't enough people with the last name "Davis" for the UNC basketball program, the Tar Heels found another.

Earlier today, Elijah Davis, son of UNC basketball's head coach Hubert Davis, announced on Instagram that he will transfer to UNC for his senior season.

Having grown up in Chapel Hill and been infatuated with Carolina basketball culture, it's only right that he comes home.

The six-foot-four, 200-pound forward will be leaving the University of Lynchburg after three seasons with the program. At Lynchburg, Elijah developed a similar playstyle to his father, averaging 41.3% from behind the arc his sophomore year.

Outside of his NBA veteran father, Elijah has had plenty of mentors throughout his life, preparing him for this moment. One notable is North Carolina alumni Rasheed Wallace, who coached him during his time at Jordan High School in Durham, North Carolina.

Elijah will be the second son of a UNC basketball coach to play for the program in the past two years, as Jeff Lebo's son, Creighton, played for North Carolina up until last season.

Elijah is the latest addition to a relatively new UNC basketball squad, as he'll join freshmen Drake Powell, Ian Jackson, and James Brown along with transfers Cade Tyson and Ven-Allen Lubin as newcomers.

This fall, Elijah will not only make the bold leap from Division III to Division I but will aim to make history with his father as his coach.