Hubert Davis' in-game coaching adjustment key to UNC basketball's win over Duke

You are going to want to see this in-game coaching adjustment that head UNC Basketball coach Hubert Davis made during the Duke game on Saturday night.

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Remember a few years ago when some UNC Basketball fans had concerns about Hubert Davis being a first-time head coach and learning on the job? Well, in year three and with the Tar Heels 18-4 overall and 10-1 in the ACC, most of those critics have been silenced.

We have seen some phenomenal plays and in-game adjustments from Hubert Davis throughout this season, and Saturday night against the Blue Devils, one slight offensive change may have gone unnoticed.

The Blue Devils entered Saturday's game with a game plan they were not willing to change: shutdown RJ Davis. Who could blame them? The guard is having a historic season and in line to be the ACC Player of the Year and potentially a consensus first-team All-American.

Duke did this by face guarding Davis on the offensive end of the floor and anytime Davis did get the ball, the Blue Devils were hedging out on screens at an extremely high level. This meant other players had to get involved.

Armando Bacot and Harrison Ingram were up for the challenge, scoring 25 points and 21 points respectively. While Duke kept Davis in-check offensively, they still were committed to double teaming Bacot in the post on the entry pass. This isn't the first time we have seen opponents do this.

Duke's plan to double changed from just doubling the closest defender to sending Elliot Cadeau's defender given Cadeau's struggles shooting the basketball from mid-range to beyond the three-point line. Cadeau took several attempts from the field trying to make the Blue Devils regret their decision to leave him open, but was unable to capitalize, going 1-9 from the field and 0-4 from three.

Hubert Davis still found a counter to this though mid-way through the second-half. When Bacot received the entry pass and Cadeau's man left him, he then went and set an off-ball screen for RJ Davis. With no defender on Cadeau, the man guarding Davis had no help on the backside of the screen, leaving him to fight through it and leaving Davis open for a catch-and-shoot three-pointer. Take a look for yourself.

This is a great in-game adjustment from Hubert Davis and great play to draw up to get your ACC Player of the Year involved when the opponent is trying their hardest to deny him the ball. It isn't the first time we have seen this, but it was certainly a great time to drop this in against a rival in a big moment.

That wasn't the only play that stood out from the third-year head coach. Check out this defensive play call in the final minute when Duke was trailing by eight and had possession (at the 10-second mark of the clip).

North Carolina shows a man look on the in-bounds pass but then drops into a zone at the last second, confusing the inbounder and offense. This leads to Cormac Ryan being in perfect position to get a steal and seal the game.

Those critics have been silent now and while Hubert Davis still has plenty of learning on the job to do, he has shown he has the ability to draw up plays in critical moments with some of the best in the country.

What will we see next from Hubert Davis and the UNC Basketball coaching staff?

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