3 memorable matchups between the UNC basketball program and Michigan State

The UNC basketball program is set to face off against Michigan State on Saturday. This won't be the first time these two programs have met, especially in March.
University of North Carolina v Michigan State University
University of North Carolina v Michigan State University / Steve Dykes/GettyImages
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3. April 6th, 2009 (National Championship)

Tyler Hansbrough
NCAA Championship Game: Michigan State Spartans v North Carolina Tar Heels / Streeter Lecka/GettyImages

One of the best North Carolina basketball teams in program history capped off their season with a National Championship over Michigan State in 2009. North Carolina dominated all season, and the title game was no different.

Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington, and Ty Lawson led the way for North Carolina. Putting these three on the court together had to feel like an unfair advantage to Roy Williams.

North Carolina was in control from start to finish. The Tar Heels led 55-34 at halftime and came out victorious by a convincing 89-72 final score. Michigan State finished that season with a 31-7 record. North Carolina just proved to be better, with a record of 33-4 and a National Championship.