3 memorable Duke/UNC Basketball moments from the 2000s

With round one of UNC/Duke set to take place on Saturday, we thought it would be fun to look back on some memorable moments in this rivalry. For this one, we are taking it back to the 2000s. 

Duke v North Carolina
Duke v North Carolina / Streeter Lecka/GettyImages
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It is the most exciting time of the year in sports. Most people are prepping for Super Bowl 58 but college basketball fans have their sites set on Duke vs. UNC.

North Carolina enters this matchup at number three in the country and is coming off of a tough road loss. Duke is currently No. 7 in the nation and is riding a win streak. Something will have to give in Chapel Hill.

On Saturday, we get to witness another chapter in the best rivalry in sports. Regardless of records or standings when these foes meet, more historic moments are born. When we think of UNC basketball facing Duke, here are a few of the many memories that come to mind.