Retired Jerseys


Forty-three former North Carolina men’s basketball players are honored in the Smith Center with banners representing their numbers hung from the rafters. Of the 43 honored jerseys, eight are retired. To have his jersey honored, a player must have met one of the following criteria.

Credit: Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE
Credit: Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE /

MVP of a National Championship winning team
Member of a Gold Medal Winning Olympic Team
First- or second-team All America
ACC Player of the Year
NCAA Tournament MOP

Now that’s to get your jersey honored. To have his jersey retired, a player must win one of the following six widely recognized player of the year awards

Oscar Robertson Trophy, formerly known as the United States Basketball Writers Association National Player of the Year
National Association of Basketball Coaches Player of the Year
Sporting News Player of the Year
John R. Wooden Award
Naismith College Player of the Year

Carolina’s Retired Jerseys
23-Michael Jordan 1984
50-Tyler Hansbrough 2009
NC-Jack Cobb 1926 (team’s did not wear jersey #’s in that era)
12-Phil Ford 1978
52-James Worthy 1983
33-Antawn Jamison 1998
10-Lenn Rosenbluth 1957
20-George Glamack 1941

Carolina’s Honored Jerseys

No. Name Years Criteria met
NC Cartwright Carmichael 1921-24 First-team All-America
8 Jim Jordan 1944-46 Second-team All-America
13 John “Hook” Dillon 1945-48 First-team All-America
35 Pete Brennan 1955-58 First-team All-America, ACC Player of the Year
40 Tommy Kearns 1955-58 Second-team All-America
12 Lee Shaffer 1957-60 First-team All-America, ACC Player of the Year
22 York Larese 1958-61 Second-team All-America
35 Doug Moe 1958-61 First-team All-America
11 Larry Brown 1960-63 Olympic gold medal
32 Billy Cunningham 1962-65 First-team All-America, ACC Player of the Year
22 Bob Lewis 1964-67 First-team All-America
44 Larry Miller 1965-68 First-team All-America, ACC Player of the Year
33 Charlie Scott 1967-70 Olympic gold medal, First-team All-America
31 Bill Chamberlain 1969-72 Second-team All-America
44 Dennis Wuycik 1969-72 First-team All-America
35 Bob McAdoo 1971-72 First-team All-America
34 Bobby Jones 1971-74 First-team All-America
21 Mitch Kupchak 1972-76 First-team All-America, ACC Player of the Year, Olympic gold medal
24 Walter Davis 1973-77 Olympic gold medal
45 Tommy LaGarde 1973-77 Olympic gold medal, Second-team All-America
31 Mike O’Koren 1976-80 First-team All-America
30 Al Wood 1977-81 First-team All-America
41 Sam Perkins 1980-84 Olympic gold medal, First-team All-America
42 Brad Daugherty 1982-86 First-team All-America
30 Kenny Smith 1983-87 First-team All-America
34 J.R. Reid 1986-89 First-team All-America
34 George Lynch 1989-93 MVP of NCAA Champions
00 Eric Montross 1990-94 Second-team All-America
21 Donald Williams 1991-95 NCAA Tournament MOP
42 Jerry Stackhouse 1993-95 First-team All-America
30 Rasheed Wallace 1993-95 Second-team All-America
15 Vince Carter 1995-98 Second-team All-America, Olympic gold medal
00 Brendan Haywood 1997–2001 Second-team All-America
40 Joseph Forte 1999–2001 First-team All-America, ACC Player of the Year
2 Raymond Felton 2002-05 MVP of NCAA Champions
42 Sean May 2002-05 First-team All-America, MVP of NCAA Champions, NCAA Tournament MOP
32 Rashad McCants 2002-05 Second-team All-America
5 Ty Lawson 2006-09 Second-team All-America, ACC Player of the Year, MVP of NCAA Champions
22 Wayne Ellington 2006-09 NCAA Tournament MOP