2020 MLB Season: Highlighting Featured Tar Heels on Opening Day

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As Major League Baseball makes its return, we take a look at some former Tar Heels’ players that are playing on Opening Day

Major League Opening day is finally here, but in a different light with what was once normal no longer being the norm.

After Opening Day got pushed back due to Covid-19, a battle emerged between owners and players as fans sat back and wondered if we would ever hear that beautiful sound of a bat hitting the ball. The waiting and wondering is over as the MLB did what needed to be done to get the season started with guidelines in place to keep the players safe and fans at home. Instead of the 162 game season that we are used to, things are going to be different. There will be a 60-game season over 66 days and an expanded playoff format.

It’s going to be weird but that’s okay for baseball fans.

Needless to say, opening day is here! As your excitement ensues, it is sure to continue as you see some familiar faces who once ran the bases in Boshamer Stadium. Look for these former Tar Heels on the Opening Day roster.

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