UNC Basketball: 2020 recruits comment on struggling Tar Heels

UNC basketball’s 2020 recruiting class had pleasantly surprising things to say about the struggling Tar Heels

The North Carolina Tar Heels just lost their sixth straight Atlantic Coast Conference game, something that has never happened in school history. The dark times in Chapel Hill appear like they are going to continue for at least the rest of this season. The constant for the season is in the loss column which has never been the theme since I started following Tar Heel basketball.

The concern for the Tar Heels is how their talented recruiting class would react to this nightmare of a season. In good news for North Carolina, they are in higher spirits than expected. Instead of being down about the down period, they were optimistic.

Jason Jordan of Sports Illustrated recently caught up with UNC’s 2020 recruiting class and asked them about the struggles for the current Tar Heels’ team. The recruiting class believes in a turnaround if the squad can find a way to get healthy:

“Just keep watching,” Donovan Puff Johnson said. “We may have some guys coming back and all it takes it for us to start clicking and go on a run. The team always fights hard and if we can get healthy watch out.”

The confidence shows their commitment to the program and their understanding of the North Carolina program. They remain all in and what was said next is what should Carolina fans on the edge of their seats for next season.

Walker Kessler, a five-star recruit from Fairburn, Georgia had this to say about next year:

“I think all of the guys in our class are pretty motivated to get to North Carolina and try to win a national title,” Kessler said. “This season is just more motivation for us to be as prepared as possible for next season.”

Heads remain high for the recruiting class that holds a few five-stars and a duo of four-stars. As this season drags on and things continue to sink for this year’s team, the anticipation for next year is only heightened.

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