UNC Basketball: James Michael McAdoo is a two-time NBA champ

Apr 5, 2017; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Golden State Warriors forward James Michael McAdoo against the Phoenix Suns at Talking Stick Resort Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 5, 2017; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Golden State Warriors forward James Michael McAdoo against the Phoenix Suns at Talking Stick Resort Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

I know that you may be thinking, what did James Michael McAdoo do?

First, I double-dog dare you to repeat the phrase “What did James Michael McAdoo do?” five times; very fast.

Drink some water first because cottonmouth will ensue for sure.

If you were watching the 2017 NBA Finals, then you know that the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-1 in the seven-game series.

Kevin Durant was named the 2017 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player for his spectacular effort in the series. Although Durant won his first NBA championship ring, McAdoo won his second one.

Some people may think, “Well, McAdoo did not get a lot of playing time in the finals.” Or, “McAdoo rides the bench. Why are you giving him love?”

Others may consider McAdoo to be an NBA bust. That would ridiculous to say, since he plays for an NBA team.

Needless to say, this article will not reverberate such nonsense. McAdoo’s life is a prime example of having faith, humility, and determination.

Now, that the Warriors are NBA Champions in two of the past three seasons, you can add “Congratulations” to one the several themes of this piece.

You have to be talented to make an NBA team’s roster. Becoming an NBA player is not easy.

Many individuals have failed to become professional basketball players.

McAdoo didn’t; after several tries. He had to prove himself. McAdoo went against the grain and went pro after his junior year at North Carolina in 2014.

In fact, McAdoo married his then-girlfriend Lauren Adkins on April 2, 2014; the day before he announced he was foregoing his senior year of eligibility.

McAdoo went undrafted in 2014 but played his way onto the roster of the Golden State Warriors.

Similar to fellow Tar Heel Danny Green, McAdoo has had a rocky road in the beginning of his NBA career. He was waived by the Warriors twice and has had two 10-day contracts with them.

He has played on their NBA D-League affiliate Santa Cruz Warriors team, also. Yes, McAdoo did not play a great deal, but who cares when you have two championship rings?

McAdoo earns nearly a million dollars. Hmmm, say that again? Nearly a million dollars. Blessings.

Is it possible that McAdoo is a Golden State Warrior because of his talent and his character? Check out these tweets from McAdoo that illustrate his mystique.

In a society where being crass gets glorified, people like McAdoo get little to no praise. He does live his life to gain the attention or satisfaction of others.

It is clear that McAdoo lives for others.

Every player has a role to play on their respective team. McAdoo has a role on the Warriors. Although his role may be unknown and/or misunderstood, he is on their roster.

And, he is a champion. Again.

Based on the kind of person he is (a man of character and Christian faith), McAdoo is enjoying this ride of life.

He gets paid to do what he loves: play basketball. He has a lovely wife, lives at the beach, has two NBA championships and works hard in his community to better the lives of others.

Truly, McAdoo is winning in life in various ways.

Before you start to criticize NBA players who get little to no minutes (like McAdoo), remember they are living a dream that some people wish they could have as a reality.

Not only that, some NBA players give back a great deal to their communities (like McAdoo). Have you given back to yours, unselfishly?

Take notes from McAdoo.

He is reaping the fruits of labor he sewed sometime ago.

Maybe his spot on the Warriors team is divine intervention. Possibly, McAdoo was “chosen” to become a Warrior because he fits the kind of players they desire to have in their locker room.

Congratulations McAdoo on winning another championship and winning in life.

You are a great representative for everyone to follow, regardless of their walk of life.