UNC Football: Top 10 Tar Heels Quarterbacks All-Time

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No. 2 – Bryn Renner, UNC (2010-13)

Bryn Renner was a spectacular football player throughout his college career. He followed up T.J. Yates, continuing the solid play at the quarterback position for the Tar Heels.

Renner accomplished a great deal at UNC. He has the second-most touchdown passes in UNC career (64). Renner set records for most touchdown passes in a game twice (five vs. Louisville 2012 and five vs. Maryland 2012). Renner has second and third most touchdowns in a single-season (28 in 2012; 26 in 2011). He set this record in 2012 until it was recently broken in 2016.

Renner has the second-highest quarterback rating (QBR) in a season (159.4 in 2011), the third-highest QBR in career (151.22 from 2010-2013), the third-highest completion percentage in a season (239-350 pass attempts at 68.3% in 2011),  the fifth and sixth-highest completion percentages in a season by UNC QB (152-231 pass attempts at 65.8% in 2013 and 276-422 pass attempts at 65.4% in 2012), the second-highest career completion percentage (66.5%), the fourth-highest QBR in a season (159.4 in 2011), the fifth-highest QBR in a season (150.8 in 2012), the third-most career passing yards (8,221) and the third-most completions in a season (276 in 2012).

Along with Durant and Yates, Renner ranks in the top three in career yards, career completions, and career attempts.