UNC Basketball: Eagles vs. Tar Heels game preview

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Three Questions

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at North Carolina
NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at North Carolina /

How will Bradley re-acclimate himself to the team?

After being injured and out for five games, it took Luke Maye about three contests to get back into the rhythm of things. It took him another two to get back to being a valuable rotational player on a fairly consistent basis.

In the freshman spotlight I talked about Bradley’s value to the team. Though he will play against Boston College the first question will be how much? The second should be how effective will he be? And the third will be how long before he is? The answers to the first two will have a lot to do with the third and ultimately shape the Tar Heels season.

Can UNC be dominate on the road?

As I mentioned in an earlier article this week, the Tar Heels have fared much better at Home than on the road. Their biggest ACC road win to date was by six at Wake, in a game that was closer than that late in the contest.

The ACC is hard and road wins are difficult in every conference. However, when the tournament rolls around their are no home crowd advantages. UNC needs to get a statement road win to help build their confidence and reestablish that persona from their time in Maui.

Can the Tar Heels extend a halftime lead?

In that same article I raised another disturbing fact, the Tar Heels inability to extend a halftime lead. Against Wake Forest, Florida State, and Syracuse, UNC blew halftime leads of 15, 9, and 12 respectively.

Though they never gave up the lead or allowed the game to be tied, it is a disconcerting thing. If the Tar Heels want to be taken seriously in March, they need to start putting teams away and resting up for future battles down the road.