Twitter Tuesday: Michael Jordan, Diamond Heels, Marcus Paige and more


What’s Twitter saying about UNC this week?

From a Michael Jordan flashback video to a cutesy pic from the Diamond Heels to news regarding current and former NBA players who were once Tar Heels, Twitter had love for the Tar Heels.

This week’s edition also discusses some serious topics such as the anti-LGBT law that affects UNC Basketball in the postseason.

Check out what Twitter users are saying about the Tar Heels:

North Carolina has its first home game this weekend

Lets start off on a great note. The North Carolina Tar Heels Football team have their first home game this upcoming weekend.

The Tar Heels will face the James Madison Dukes. Their mascot can cause any Tar Heel alum and fan to root against this team.

Dukes, really?

North Carolina vs. Illinois

More in football-related news, congratulations are in order for UNC offensive lineman Lucas Crowley and linebacker Andre Smith.

Both players were instrumental in North Carolina’s win versus Illinois. Go Heels!

It was also Coach Fedora’s Birthday on Saturday!

Michael Jordan Signed With the Chicago Bulls on yesterday years ago

The best to ever do it, Michael Jordan, signed with the Chicago Bulls on September 12, 1985. Keep in mind that he was drafted as the Number Three overall pick in the 1985 NBA Draft.

The two teams (who shall remain nameless) will always kick themselves.

The Diamond Heels love dogs

You have to love dogs, especially dogs who love the Tar Heels! On top of that, it is a golden labrador retriever. Air Bud is real and he is a Tar Heel!

Happy Birthday Marcus Paige!

Love this video! I’m quite sure Marcus Paige was turnt up for his birthday. Sadly enough, his birthday falls on 9-11. Then again, he had several things to celebrate: his recent engagement, his birthday and the victims from 9-11. #GoHeelsGoAmerica

Let’s get ready for UNC Basketball

North Carolina’s Basketball program is allowing people to sync their calendar with UNC’s basketball schedule. If you miss a UNC basketball game, there is literally no excuse besides the fact that you are over the age of 65.

No March Madness in North Carolina n 2017…..bummer

In other news, North Carolina is losing seven NCAA championship events. First, the state of North Carolina loses the 2017 NBA All-Star game and now the NCAA has decided to pull events due to the controversial HB2.

In regards to the sports side of this, the  UNC Basketball team no matter how well they perform they will not get to play their first and second round games in North Carolina.

The only good thing from this situation is that the Duke Blue Devils cannot do so, either.

Rasheed Wallace: Ball Don’t Lie

In better news, who wants a Rasheed Wallace basketball card?

More on Rasheed Wallace. I have NEVER heard this story. This comes across as a ‘tall tale.’ Get it? Let me spell it out for you. Rasheed Wallace is nearly seven feet tall, hence a story about him is a ‘tall tale.’

Rasheed Wallace is famous for one thing. His infamous phrase, “Ball Don’t Lie!”

Rick Fox aka “Pretty Ricky Is What They Call Him”

Former UNC basketball star and current NBA analyst/actor Rick Fox defended Lakers’ guard DeAngelo Russell to TMZ. Fox does not get the credit he deserves as a Tar Heel.

He helped lead UNC to a Final Four in 1991, which was their first Final Four run since the infamous shot from Michael Jordan in 1982.

Who know Pretty Ricky could sing? Rick Fox is truly a ‘jack of all trades.’