UNC Bucket List: 25 Things All Tar Heels Fans Must Do

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Sing “Hark the Sound” after every home event regardless of the final score

Oct 4, 2014; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; Having to play the game on the road, away from their loyal supporters, could hurt the Tar Heels. Mandatory Credit: Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports
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“Hark the Sound” is the school song. I have always sung it at every home event I have attended and will continue to do so until I die.

It is an amazing experience to join in with all the other students and fans and just celebrate what a great institution the University of North Carolina is.

And I don’t just do it when we win. I do it regardless. It is truly surreal to sing it after a loss. The players lock arms and the fans just show their support.

When the entire stadium bangs the seats in front of them ringing loud and true, everyone knows we are in this together.

Win or lose, we are Tar Heel born and Tar Heel bred and when we die we will be Tar Heel dead. So Rah, Rah Carolina. Rah, Rah Carolina. Rah, Rah, Rah Go to Hell Duke.

– Brandon Griffin, Staff writer