UNC Bucket List: 25 Things All Tar Heels Fans Must Do

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Celebrate a UNC national championship on Franklin Street

There are many celebrations on Chapel Hills’ famed Franklin Street, but none like that of a national championship victory.

Sure, a Duke win is fabulous and a conference championship is great, but winning a national title ups the ante quite a bit. From the amount of people to the level of madness, no other event in Chapel Hill can match it.

Be careful though. Any time you smash 50,000 people into a tight space, things get pretty crazy. Sprained ankles and broken legs are a danger to avoid in this big crowd of jubilant fans. 

My advice: Pick a spot, get there quickly and don’t move. Make way for the less faint of heart who may be spotted climbing street signs, scaling buildings or jumping over “controlled” fires in the street (Yeah, this really happens).

– Blake Cockrum, Staff writer