UNC Bucket List: 25 Things All Tar Heels Fans Must Do

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Sit in the Risers section at the Dean Dome

The Dean Dome
The Dean Dome /

Alright, I will just be straight, this is something that only students get to do, unless of course, you know a student.

In my four years at Carolina, I got to do this once. Senior year, Duke game.

The funny thing is that it wasn’t even supposed to happen. I originally got upper level seats.

However, a friend of mine called me and offered to trade because his girlfriend didn’t want to stand for three hours. I would’ve dumped the girlfriend, but hey I got the tickets.

It was the best game experience ever. It was wild, alive, and I didn’t even care I was standing for the whole time.

The game went to over time and when it did we all went nuts. I was hugging random strangers and loving it. We lost the game, but nonetheless, it was a totally unforgettable experience.

– Brandon Griffin, Staff writer