Heels in MLB: Recapping Former Tar Heels play in June

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How are former Tar Heels doing in the MLB?

Is June over already?

That was quick. Well at least for a KIH writer. For MLB a month is an eternity.

June saw hard luck cases play hot. The Cleveland Indians went 22-6, which included a 13 game win streak at the end of the month (the streak would reach 14 before back to back losses). While the Cubs, baseball’s other perennial loser, went 16-12 to maintain the best record in baseball through June 30th.

June saw former greats go south. The Cincinnati Reds, Ohio’s other team, went 12-16. The Reds are currently the second worst team in the MLB behind only the Atlanta Braves who also lost 16 times in June.

June also saw some former Tar Heels showing off in the MLB. The list, this time, is a little shorter thanks to Dustin Ackley’s injury and Colin Moran’s demotion. However, a surprise June promotion kept this list from getting too short.

So without further ado, here they are in as always in alphabetical order.

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