10 Reasons Why UNC Duke is the Best Rivalry in Basketball

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Nov 16, 2014; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels forward Kennedy Meeks (3) and forward Joel James (42) and forward Brice Johnson (11) and guard Marcus Paige (5) celebrate from the bench in the second half against Robert Morris Colonials at Dean E. Smith Center. The Tar Heels won 103-59. Mandatory Credit: Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

Location, Location, Location

It is sometimes hard for casual basketball fans to understand just how close Duke and North Carolina are. The two teams are just eight miles apart, and the drive between the two basketball arenas takes just 22 minutes, according to Google Maps.

That short of a distance can only be replicated in one basketball rivalry — Lakers vs. Clippers, but that is only because both the Lakers and Clips share the same stadium.

The distance versus the two teams takes the rivalry and intensifies it by about 1000%. People in the triangle have to deal with coworkers, classmates and neighbors who are fans of the other team. That closeness turns the basketball game into something more. If your team loses, you know you are going to be hearing about it for the next year.

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