North Carolina Football Recruiting: Ranking 4 Best Recruits for UNC

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Today is the most wonderful time of the year for many fans of College Football. However, it isn’t Christmas, and kids aren’t jingle belling and everyone isn’t telling you to be of good cheer. No, today is National Signing Day, a sort of Christmas for college football and North Carolina football fans.

Today, every program around the country is filled with optimism for the future. No team loses on National Signing Day, even if your team loses out of a big blue-chip free agent. Every coach sings praises upon his new class of freshman and every fan starts googling tickets for the College Football Playoff the next year.

Signing Day isn’t as big in North Carolina as it is in SEC-land, where NSD practically shuts down major highways (or so I hear,) but it is still a big day for Coach Larry Fedora and his football program. The Tar Heels’ recruiting class is ranked 24th in the nation, per This year’s class features eight four star prospects, again according to Scout, and hopefully lots of talent to sprinkle in among the talented roster that UNC has returning for next season.

Here are the four best recruits UNC signed this season in my humble opinion. Remember that the rankings are very much just good estimates, and I tried to predict who would have the most impact for the Heels next year. Use your arrow keys to click through the slides. Let’s start now with number four, Aaron Crawford.

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