Rank ‘Em: Top 5 Players for UNC Basketball in 2014-15

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#1 – Marcus Paige – 6’1 Junior Guard (175 pounds)

Paige is another that could use some work in the weight room, but he’s shown his dedication there already, so I don’t imagine he’ll disappoint in that part of his development. He knows after this past season he can hang with the best of them, but also knows he needs to be stronger to take the next step. He can really help his draft stock if he fills out and gets stronger over the off-season. A do-everything player that will be called upon to lead the veterans returning, mentor the youngsters, and play at a high level all the time.

No pressure, right?

This past season he played almost 36 minutes a game for the Heels, most on the team by five and a half minutes. Between James Michael McAdoo and Leslie McDonald there will be 57 minutes a game that need to be accounted for. Between the three incoming freshman, and the budding underclassmen with limited exposure, the pressure is on Paige to get them going.

When the chips are down and the game is on the line, he’s going to be the one expected to make a play until someone else steps up and shows they can handle the spotlight too. If he can continue his high caliber play and keep everyone on the same page (pun intended), Coach Williams might be bringing his third banner home to Chapel Hill. If Paige really turns up his game for next season he may become another Tar Heel point guard to take home the ACC player-of-the-year honors. He’s got a great opportunity to really turn 2014-15 into a special year for the Carolina basketball program.