Rank ‘Em: Top 5 Players for UNC Basketball in 2014-15

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#2 – Justin Jackson – 6’7 Freshman Forward (185 pounds soaking wet)

Jackson might end up being the best pro off this entire team when it’s all said and done, but he needs to add some muscle to that frame. I’m willing to bet some Kevin Durant fans in the world would argue that it’s not as big of a deal as I think. The only difference is that Durant is just south of 6’10 and that extra height makes a big difference for him. I really don’t see Jackson reaching his potential as a 185 pound small forward. He likes to mix it up on the offensive glass and is a tough player. There is a chance that he’ll be a great player despite his dimensions, but as we see every year in the NCAA post-season and NBA playoffs, the officials turn to playground rules (no blood, no foul). I would really hate to see Jackson end up trying to draw fouls like some of the players in this years’ NBA Finals because he can’t physically handle it.

The only encouraging thing about Jackson’s size is that his game is pretty finesse and old school, so he isn’t trying to dunk on everyone when he gets the ball. He’s got a great floater in the lane and shoots a nice mid-range shot too. He’s almost a carbon copy replica of Reggie Miller in terms of physique, but even Reggie had some muscle definition. Jackson has all the talent he needs to be great and the potential to be a household name in the basketball community for years to come. Unless he dedicates himself to improving his physique, he won’t reach his incredibly high ceiling as a basketball player.

So, if you are reading this and are in the Chapel Hill area, you should start sending steak, chicken breast, protein powder and pre-workout mix to the UNC freshman dorms addressed to this young man.