Rank ‘Em: Top 5 Players for UNC Basketball in 2014-15

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#5 – Kennedy Meeks: 6’9 Sophomore Center (290 pounds)

There is a common theme among what a few players need to do to maximize the teams potential next season: weight management. Meeks is a guy the Heels want to have on the floor as often as they can, problem is, he gets tired too quickly and can’t handle many minutes. As a freshman this season he averaged just 16.3 minutes per game and still finished second on the team with 6.1 rebounds per game. In an article done by our own Dwight Moore II earlier this year, he notes that Meeks was an unsavory 317 pounds when he arrived to Chapel Hill.

Elementary math skills tells me he lost 27 pounds throughout the course of his first year. I’d like to think he will realize his potential and will not show up like this former No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft when he comes back to school next year. I don’t think the Carolina coaches will allow it to happen.

He needs to keep that type of work ethic up so he can be on the floor for 25+ minutes a game. He’s a productive player when he’s on the floor (seven points, six rebounds), but the Carolina system is much more physically demanding than many are used to. Sean May had some issues with conditioning during his time for the Heels as well. Meeks needs to dedicate himself to eating right and getting his body in shape for much more time on the floor. If he can get his weight down another 25-30 pounds by the time practice starts he’ll be a double-double machine as a sophomore. There is a chance of the Heels again having a dominant front-court if the guys are willing to put in the work to get their bodies right. It starts with Meeks and continues with number four on our list…