Rank’ Em: UNC Football Coaches Since 1959

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#4 – Butch Davis (2007-2010) Record: 28-23 (.549)

Davis had a great deal of success with a program that was not in a good place when he took over. You started to see a resurgence of UNC football for the first time in years. Although the NCAA forced the Tar Heels to vacate 16 wins in 2008 and 2009, I’m still counting them for Coach Davis. During the investigation by the NCAA he was never mentioned nor was he involved in the investigation. He was quoted to saying that he was “honestly shocked” and that he didn’t think he did anything wrong. What he did during his time in Chapel Hill was bring in talented, NFL ready prospects back to the football program for the first time in years.

A lot of credit should go to him for the star power the football program has seen in recent years. He took a team that had been an afterthought for a decent amount of time and made them relevant again. After a 4-8 season in 2007 his teams went 8-5 every year the next three seasons. UNC was forced into letting go of Davis to “restore confidence in UNC’s integrity” according to the chancellor, Holden Thorp. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances that I can’t say with any certainty I know what’s true or who is at fault, but Butch Davis has proved he’s great football coach.