Rank’ Em: UNC Football Coaches Since 1959

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#6 – Larry Fedora (2012-present) Record: 15-10 (.600)

The current head coach, Larry Fedora, has been in charge for two seasons and had early success. What he has also done was proven to the Carolina faithful that he does value loyalty. With rumors of him jumping ship to coach at Tennessee he told the team he’s staying at UNC just before the final game of the 2013 season.

An article that was done by WNCN states that Fedora turned down a huge offer from the University of Tennessee and he was quoted to saying, “I turned down more money than I ever thought I’d see.” It’s not too often you find a coach that values loyalty over money in today’s day and age of college football. He’s had some very talented players play for him in just two seasons at the helm. He’s got an aggressive mindset and approach to the game and looks to keep the football program moving forward. He is apparently very happy to be coaching the University of North Carolina football team.