Rank ‘Em: UNC Basketball’s Coaches Since 1944

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#2 – Roy Williams – Record: 282-79 .781 (2 National Championships, 2003-present)

“Good ole Roy” has been a great coach since taking over in 2003. On his resume: Two national championships (2005, 2009), AP coach of the year (2006), a .781 winning percentage, and numerous other accolades. He had a resume many coaches would dream of before getting to North Carolina, and has only improved it since. I like watching UNC teams coached by him because I know I’m likely going to get to watch these players for two, three, and often times four years. He has had some one-and-done types, which in this day and age is unavoidable. I respect Coach Williams for not basing his entire recruiting plan after getting that one big recruit and thinking that’ll fix everything. The freshman farm club in Lexington, Kentucky can go ahead and keep doing that. If John Calipari’s reputation precedes him they’ll likely be getting NCAA sanctions sometime soon.

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Some out there think he’s lost his touch in recruiting because he’s missed out on the big name recruits the last couple of seasons (Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving). I don’t think it’s anything wrong with Roy, there is just a different type of learning curve that goes into being a UNC basketball player that some players may not want to go through. They aren’t brought in to improve their NBA draft stock, they’re brought in to help the team improve. Don’t get me wrong, I’d welcome any of the three aforementioned super-frosh to UNC with open arms, but not getting them doesn’t have me concerned with Roy as a recruiter. He’s got some of his detractors to pump the brakes a little bit with this year’s class, at least. I don’t think Roy could ever move ahead of Dean Smith in UNC coaching lore, unless he wins multiple national championships in his final years as the coach. Even then, with Dean’s longevity and consistency it will be hard to argue for anyone else.