UNC Basketball Recruiting: Andrew Wiggins, Big Time Player, Big Time Visit


This is about as big as it gets for the Tar Heels, and not just because they are playing Duke with a chance to greatly improve their tourney seeding. The other reason this is HUGE… visitors LOTS of them. One in particular will have the spotlight on him
Saturday. As most Tar Heel fans know his name is Andrew Wiggins. He is as big time as it gets, he is the consensus #1 recruit for 2013 and likely the best HS recruit since Kevin Durant. For the longest time National experts and recruitniks alike have believed his
recruitment to be a two team race between UK and FSU. Now, only one part of the belief seems to be correct.

Andrew Wiggins’ recruitment is a two team race but it isn’t the two teams that most national experts would want you to think it is. Bottom line right now Andrew Wiggins’ recruitment IS a two team race but both of those teams reside in the ACC. That is right Heels fans, I am going out on a limb here but from everything I have heard from multiple sources it is FSU and UNC with Kentucky and Kansas on the outside looking in. That fact and the fact that Wiggins would instantly make UNC a favorite for the National Title should one or two key players return makes this visit special. Ok maybe specail isn’t the word maybe HUGE, MONSTROUS, ENORMOUS maybe one of those covers it.

Andrew Wiggins visit to Chapel Hill is the biggest recruit visit I can remember in quite a long time. UNC will be pulling out all the stops and I am sure the crowd will be insane. I have heard the students have some pretty good things planned (not just for Wiggins as some other big time names will be in attendance) and that should really make an impression. It is Duke-Carolina so their is no need to worry about the show that will be put on on the court. It all shapes up really well for UNC. Much of it though hinges on if Wiggins can see himself at UNC for 1 year. He needs to love the campus,  UNC’s plan for him and he needs to want to be on TV more than four times a year (which he will be relegated to if he attends FSU). Those things are out of UNC’s control as simply on Wiggins.

As of now FSU seems to be the favorite but the reason this visit is so big is because this is the weekend that could change all of that. In my opinion if Roy pulls this off this will be his best recruiting job ever considering the challenges that came in Wiggins’ recruitment. Saturday could be a huge victory for this UNC team but it could be a bigger day for the UNC program. UNC will have Theo Pinson, RashadVaughn, Harry Giles all on campus which are all huge visits. That said after winning against Duke UNC’s #1 priority is making a great impression on Wiggins. The more Wiggins has to toil over his choice the better I feel that he will in the end choose the school that is a better choice for a player of his caliber. This visit to Blue Heaven will most likely decide it all, one way or the other.