UNC vs Clemson Series History


It’s been a long long time since Clemson has beaten the Heels at home.  Wait, let me think for a second……

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson has never ever won within the city limits of Chapel Hill.  That’s right, the Heels are 56-0 against Clemson at home and even though I knew this stat, I double checked just to make sure.  Unfortunately, we match up against the Tigers in Clemson, SC on Thursday night and not here in Chapel Hill. Even still, the Tar Heels still hold a commanding 36-16 record in Little John Colisuem which is just absolutely pitiful for the Tigers.  This series is ridiculous to me.  The fact that UNC has played Clemson a grand total of 56 times in Chapel Hill, NC and have never lost is just absolutely absurd to me.  How is that even possible?!?!

Regardless of how this may or may not be possible, the fact remains that Roy Williams is 14-2 against Clemson in his time here in Chapel Hill, and we have an overall record of a particularly ungodly margin of 126-20.  The fact that a team can have over 100 more wins over another team in a series is absolutely baffling to me.  This is easily the biggest blowout of a record thatNorth Carolina has against an ACC opponent.


I’m going to do all of us a favor and give you this series and its’ games since Ol’ Roy started coaching his beloved Alma Mater, just because that feels like the right place to begin.

1-31-04: L 72 – 81 Away
3-2-04: W 69 – 53 Home
1-19-05: W 77 – 58 Away
2-19-05: W 88 – 56 Home
3-11-05: W 88 – 81 Washington DC
2-4-06: W 76 – 61 Home
1-17-07: W 77 – 55 Away
1-6-08: W (ot) 90 – 88 Away
2-10-08: W (2ot) 103 – 93 Home
3-16-08: W 86 – 81 Charlotte
1-21-09: W 94 – 70 Home
1-13-10: L 64 – 83 Away
1-18-11: W 75 – 65 Home
2-12-11: W 64 – 62 Away
3-12-11: W (ot) 92 – 87 Greensboro
2-18-12: W 74 – 52 Home

There it is, guys.

However, basketball is not about what happened in the past, but instead it is about scoring more points than the other team in the present.  Can we do this tomorrow night against a 13-13 Clemson team?  Regardless of the series record, Clemson has given UNC some scares even when they are completely outmatched going into the game. January 6th of 2008 serves as a prime example. There is no way the pass that Ty Lawson makes on this play should have ever reached the hands of Wayne Ellington, but it does and there is no way that the Tar Heels should have won this game, but they did. It just goes to show, that even when you historically own another team, you can never take that for granite, because you may find yourself to be down late not be as good of a shooter as Wayne Ellington. Go Heels.