UNC Basketball: Tar Heels vs Duke Blue Devils A Look at the All-Time Series History


Obviously, the 2008 video below from ESPN does not even begin to encapsulate this game.  This is, without argument, the biggest rivalry in college sports and possibly even sports in general.  There have been great moments throughout this series.  In an unbiased light, Duke has made some great shots and so have the Heels.  From the

Jerry Stackhouse

dunk to

Johnny Dawkins

and his crazy layups, from

Tyler Hansbrough

nearly killing

Gerald Henderson

to Coach K nearly breaking the floor.

Feb 10, 2013; Chestnut Hill, MA, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Quinn Cook (2) reacts during the second half against the Boston College Eagles at Conte Forum. Duke won 62-61. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt that this game tomorrow, though maybe not as hyped as usual due to the assumed dominance of one team, will be watched by many.  And, it will be remembered, by many, forever.  I do not like John Scheyer as a person (did anyone at Duke even like this person?), and I hardly even care if I spelled his last name right there.  Coach K has had the same hair throughout all 264 games of this series (including when Duke was Trinity college in the late 1920s and early 1930s.)  But at the end of the day, to quote someone famous.  “To say that you have to give 110% in this series, is both a cliche, and an overestimate.

This may or may not be the truest thing I have ever heard.  One could argue that Roy has struggled in this series, but he sure didn’t when Tyler Hansbrough was on the roster.  Heck, one could argue that Coach K has struggled in this series, but he sure didn’t when the Heels struggled in the early 2000’s.  I live for these games.   Twice a year, I know that I can roughly not be judged by how many doors I slam or how many Xbox controllers I throw off the balcony.  Tonight is the night.

Now, enough of the epic prologue.  I get carried away sometimes.  I cannot begin to do this game justice.  The all time series lies at 132-102 in favor of the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Here are all the scores since Duke won their first National Championship.)  (This seems like a strong year to begin.)  (I will still judge you if you don’t look at this.)

1-19-91 L 60 74 away
3-3-91 L 77 83 home
3-10-91 W 96 74 Charlotte
2-5-92 W 75 73 home
3-8-92 L 77 89 away
3-15-92 L 74 94 Charlotte
2-3-93 L 67 81 away
3-7-93 W 83 69 home
2-3-94 W 89 78 home
3-5-94 W 87 77 away
2-2-95 W (2ot) 102 100 away
3-4-95 W 99 86 home
1-31-96 W 73 72 home
3-3-96 W 84 78 away
1-29-97 L 73 80 away
3-2-97 W 91 85 home
2-5-98 W 97 73 home
2-28-98 L 75 77 away
3-8-98 W 83 68 Greensboro
1-27-99 L 77 89 away
2-27-99 L 61 81 home
3-7-99 L 73 96 Charlotte
2-3-00 L (ot) 86 90 home
3-4-00 L 76 90 away
2-1-01 W 85 83 away
3-4-01 L 81 95 home
3-11-01 L 53 79 Atlanta, Georgia Dome
1-31-02 L 58 87 home
3-3-02 L 68 93 away
3-8-02 L 48 60 Charlotte
2-5-03 L 74 83 away
3-9-03 W 82 79 home
3-15-03 L 63 75 Greensboro
2-5-04 L (ot) 81 83 home
3-6-04 L 65 70 away
2-9-05 L 70 71 away
3-6-05 W 75 73 home
2-7-06 L 83 87 home
3-4-06 W 83 76 away
2-7-07 W 79 73 away
3-3-07 W 86 72 home
2-6-08 L 78 89 home
3-8-08 W 76 68 away
2-11-09 W 101 87 away
3-8-09 W 79 71 home
2-10-10 L 54 64 home
3-6-10 L 50 82 away
2-9-11 L 73 79 away
3-5-11 W 81 67 home
3-13-11 L 58 75 Greensboro
2-08-12 L 84 85 home
3-03-12 W 88 70 away

So, note that the record since the year that Duke won the title is 29-23 in favor of the Blue Devils.

Here are some details about the series as a whole:

UNC at Smith Center: 15-11
UNC at Cameron Indoor Stadium: 34-40
UNC at home: 60-32
UNC on the road: 46-49
UNC at neutral sites: 25-20
Dean Smith vs. Duke: 59-35
Bill Guthridge vs. Duke: 2-6
Matt Doherty vs. Duke: 2-7
Roy Williams vs. Duke: 8-9
UNC in Overtime: 4-7
UNC Biggest Win: 37 (55-18, 1920-21)
UNC Biggest Loss: 35 (69-104, 1963-64)
UNC Most Points: 105 (1982-83)

So, how does one take all of this in?

Here is how I do it.
This series is filled with wonderful moments, tears, blood, curse words, court storms, and hatred.  Mainly hatred.

Some of the moments that I tend to cherish will be forever in my memory.

Hansbrough never lost at Cameron Indoor Stadium, and his freshman year he MADE A THREE against them there.  This is why this horrible place should be renamed Hansbrough Indoor Stadium to make it less horrible.

Marvin Williams had an absolutely insane put-back offensive board after a Raymond Felton missed free throw to put us ahead in 2005.  (I also remember this because McCants didn’t play because he had the flu and it was then I realized that he was indeed not Michael Jordan).

Duke shot 62 % in the first half (Scoring 52) and Hansbrough remained undefeated at Duke in 2009.  This was a great game.  It gave us momentum heading into the tournament, which we ran ship in leading to another ring.

Danny Green dunked into the very realm of Greg Paulus‘ soul in 2008.  I try to watch this AT LEAST once a week in real life.  These are the things that actually literally keep me alive.

And, of course, when Gerald Henderson ‘un’intentionally fouled Tyler Hansbrough in 2007.  (When watching this, listen to Billy Packer and his incredibly pro-Duke analysis.)

I have only ever been to one of these games.  In 2008, I believe, Ty Lawson was hurt and my aunt just happened to get tickets (probably because he was hurt).  We went to this game together, sitting in what may have been the highest seats in the stadium.  UNC lost that game 78-89, and I cried for the entire hour back home to Greensboro.  But it’s fine.  Wouldn’t be the first time.

Anyway, watch this game tomorrow having been enlightened with these YouTube videos and the excessive stats that I have given you.  Win or lose, I still will have only been to one Duke game.  Go Heels.