Re-Run RJ Prince UNC Football Recruiting Blog: The Road To UNC


Editors Note: With RJ Prince and several other recruits from the 2013 class arriving in Chapel Hill to stay KIH is re-running some of our interviews and recruits blogs to reintroduce you to the tremendous class Larry Fedora has put together.

Sep 8, 2012; Winston Salem, NC, USA A North Carolina Tar Heels helmet lays on the field during the warms ups before the start of the game against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at BB

I’ve never been so ready to arrive on campus and be a student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill! Every day, I live UNC! I bleed Tar Heel Blue! I have a strong passion for UNC Football, and everything that UNC stands for. UNC is a place of integrity, prestige, and it’s a place that I can call home! Ever since that cold, snowy evening in mid February when I committed to the coaching staff, I knew this was the school for me. All the players, coaches, and fans welcomed me with open arms!

Luckily for me, I only live about an hour and thirty minutes away, and I see to it that I make it up to the campus at least twice a month. I surprise some of the players most of the time! Usually they would tell the coaches, “I thought he had one more year to go?!” The coaches say they have never seen a more committed recruit than me. Each visit, I stay for about three days. The evening I committed, I stayed at my aunt’s house (Thanks Aunt Joannie), and I woke up at 4:30 to watch the first Blue Dawn practice, it being 28 degrees with “snow slush” on the ground. I’ll do anything for the football team. I want to be around so much, when I arrive on campus as a student-athlete, I would have the knowledge of a veteran. I can say I have had an unofficial day of college under my belt. LOL.

My connection to the coaches and the players is as strong as can be! I chat with Coach Kap on Twitter and Facebook a lot (excluding this week). I know my future teammates very well. The one player who I mesh well with is probably Terry Shankle. He’s a fun person to be around, a serious and goal-oriented friend, and in the spirit of high school competition, an “arch-rival”. There is only one way I can put our “secondary” rivalry in words that true sports fans know………. A sports tale!

The Stanly County Gridiron Rivalry

If I started telling this story I could go on, and on, bottom-line………

Terry’s high school, and my high school are BIG rivals. I mean the one of the biggest rivalries in the state of NC. It’s always the last game of the season. Terry and I can tell you we try and rip somebody’s head off when it comes down to SSHS vs. AHS at the end of the season! Even some of the greats from my high school like Denico Autry, and TA McLendon will tell you the same. I have a lot of respect for Terry.

I have to say, the one player I llok to as a mentor on the team is probably Jarrod James.He gives me advice about football, the school, freshman year, anything that I got on my mind. He is my role model, he’s a perfect role model for all the kids. He reminds me that I have to work hard for my goals.

Good ‘ole Bryn. That is a dude with swag. He’s the prototype QB/Leader of the team. He’s a very hard worker.

Next, we have Eric Ebron. That is one man that gets me hyped, and reminds me to bring my A-Game. Talking to him just gets me a heck of a lot more antsier to bust some heads on the field, high school or college!

Brennan Williams, what a very intelligent man, and a complete honor to be around! I wish I could play with him but he’ll be gone when I arrive. One of the best offensive linemen I have ever seen! There is a lot I can say about everybody. They’re glad to see me on campus so much! I can’t wait to start school!

I can say the same for the coaching staff! From Coach Fedora to Coach Kap, Jordan, Brewer, Bell, Duggan, Koenning, Disch, Adams, to the recruiting coordinators, to the injury/medical staff, to the student assistants, to the video/technical crew, to Mr. Cunningham, to everybody who has pride for the Tar Heels, Y’ALL GET ME GOING!! It’s fun all-around when I’m up there!

Man, how I love UNC! While my goal is to win another state championship and get a second ring, giving AHS a total of six titles in the past eleven years, graduate and get that diploma…………………..


..There is but one project I’m still looking to help with and complete………………….

….NCDT’13. I want my fellow NC peers to realize there is a new, exciting, energetic, revolutionizing, enigma that is gonna break lose on September 1st, 2012 starting with the Elon Phoenix!

Coach Fedora and his staff are taking UNC Football to a whole new level, and us as NC born and bred football players can join the Enigma!