Re-Run RJ Prince UNC Football Recruiting Blog: NCDT’13 & The Tar Heel Revolution


Editors Note: With RJ Prince and several other recruits from the 2013 class arriving in Chapel Hill to stay KIH is re-running some of our interviews and recruits blogs to reintroduce you to the tremendous class Larry Fedora has put together.

Welcome to Part 2 of RJ Princes recruiting blog.  RJ will file entries with Keeping It Heel and give Tar Heel Nation an inside look into his life as a top offensive line prospect.  For Part I Click HERE

Nov 15, 2012; Charlottesville, VA, USA; A mouthpiece sits on a North Carolina Tar Heel helmet prior to a game against the Virginia Cavaliers at Scott Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

After I decommitted, I really wanted to get the recruiting process done, and over with. Some guys can take ’till about the end of their senior year to make their own decision. As for me, I wanted to decide before my senior season so I can focus on the football season itself.

So it came down to making a decision; I couldn’t stand the recruiting process (except when I was up at UNC), although it was a fun and an amazing ride. The “first piece to the puzzle” for my decision is: I REALLY want to play for MY STATE! I grew up in North Carolina. I know some people want to get out of their state and go somewhere new, not this boy! I have never been out of North/South Carolina, and Tennessee in my 17 years here on Earth. I believe I can have the time of my life IN-STATE going to college, and can wait to explore other states when I get out of college, and hopefully play in the NFL.

After deciding to play in-state, I narrowed it down to UNC, NC State, and Duke. Yes Tar Heel fans, I said it. Big surprise, huh? (Now you know I was seriously thinking about my future when I put Duke in my top three, instead of having many other major Division-1 Schools)

Next up: Academics. UNC and Duke (and NC State, sort of) are top schools in the nation for academics. I want to major in business, and Carolina has one of the top business schools in the country! A+ in my books!

No. 3: Campus Life. Duke= to serene, NC State= too spread out. (Their stadium is basically in the middle of nowhere) UNC= hit the nail in the coffin! I’ve never seen a more lively campus full of energetic and friendly students, along with great teachers and professors, than UNC. “The Pit” is ‘jumpin every ‘noon’, Kenan is live each football game, and the Dean Dome is ‘rockin every game! Plus, the university is so elegant, and prestigious, with some rich history to boot! UNC, end of discussion!

No. 4: Staying close to home. My aunt lives in Chapel Hill (living only 5 minutes from the stadium), the university is only an hour and 20 minutes from Albemarle. There’s nothing better to have family and friends cheering you on in the stands!No. 5: Coaching Staff. I’ve never seen a staff of coaches that have been so dedicated to me than UNC’s. Want to give a shoutout to all the staff (especially Coach Kapilovic, he was sad I didn’t give him a shout-out in one of my last radio interviews,) The other coaching staffs from different schools, I never got to spend quality with them and get to know them much. Every time I go up to Carolina, I’m greeted with open arms, anytime I have a question, they answer it. I spend a lot of time with them, so you can say Chapel Hill is my home away from home.

The day was February 19, 2012, I just got off the phone with Coach Kap (I called to ask about anything the team was doing that week, workouts, team meetings, etc.), luckily, they were having a 5 AM workout, otherwise known as the first conditioning workout of “Blue Dawn”.  I told them I would love to visit, and I surprised him that I might make my decision that evening. On the ride up there, I thought A LOT about my options, and I knew by the time I left the city limits of Albemarle, UNC is the place where I want to play collegiate football. I got to the stadium around 7, I saw Coach Brewer, and I popped to him. Coach Kap joined in, and then I went to Coach Fedora’s office, and like every great Tar Heel has said, I told Coach, “Coach………… my name is RJ Prince and I AM a TAR HEEL!” And we all exploded! I called my mom, and she was happy as ever!  It was an amazing feeling!

I spent the night at my aunt’s that night, got up at 4 AM (yes 4 AM), and attended the first “Blue Dawn” workout! Everyone on the team, and all the coaches said they have never known any recruit to get up in the wee hours of the morning to see a workout. I’m up around 4:30 AM every Saturday working out. Guess I’m just made that way. Eccentric=yeah! Crazy about UNC=you know it! Quick tip: Do a 1000 jump ropes a day. I look like I’m about 250-260, trust me it works!

It feels like a long time to write a journal entry. Now that I’m done, I need to let go of this pent up energy with a good workout! Remember, “Put on for your state, Tar Heel Nation, and of course….NCDT’13!” So stoked!!!! HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME!!

-RJ Prince