UNC Football Recruiting: Interview with Mitchell Trubisky


I recently had the chance to talk to Mitchell Trubisky who was just named Mr. Football in the state of Ohio and is a big piece of North Carolinas 2013 class.

Keeping it Heel: You led Mentor High School to a 12-2 record including three playoff wins this year. What will you remember most about this season and what will you miss most about being a Cardinal?

Mitchell Trubisky: It would have to be the last two playoff games that we won. Beating St. Ignatius was one of the most memorable games of my life. I will never forget the Friday and Saturday nights playing with my teammates and having a great time, I am going to miss everything about being a Cardinal. I love my coaches and teammates there.

KIH: You were recently named Mr. Football in the state of Ohio, an award previous bestowed to players like Charles Woodson and Curtis Enis how much did winning this prestigious award mean to you?

MT: It was huge, it’s a huge honor. I couldn’t be more blessed and I could not have done it without my teammates and coaches pushing me to get better and helping me out along the way. It was a great way to cap off my season and I am very happy about it.

KIH: You had offers from several top Division I schools including Ohio State, was there any pressure put on you to remain in state and become a Buckeye?

MT: Well, there kind of was. They had a quarterback commit before I was ready to commit so after they had their quarterback, I started to look elsewhere. I found North Carolina and I really liked it, I love the system and the coaches and I was ready to pull the trigger at that time so I decided on North Carolina. There has been some pressure back and forth but I am very pleased with my decision.

KIH: What separated Coach Fedora and the University of North Carolina from the other coaches and schools that were pursuing you and led to your decision to become a Tar Heel?

MT: Coach Fedora seems like a great family guy, he seemed very interested in me as a player. He took the time to tell me how he can make me better and how I can impact the team and the University of North Carolina. I thought this is the kind of coach I would like to play for and he got me very excited about North Carolina

KIH: Coach Fedora is putting together a very nice recruiting class that is starting to gain some national attention. Talk to us about the relationship that you have already established with players like RJ Prince, Ryan Switzer and other incoming Freshman.

MT: We have a really nice class coming in. I have met a lot of them and they are great guys and I know we are all excited to get started at North Carolina with our football careers. It will just help us more on the field when we become good friends off the field so it will be a huge advantage for us.

KIH: What were your thoughts on the 510 yard, eight touchdown performance T.J. Logan, a Carolina commit, put up on Saturday night?

MT: I heard about it, that’s just crazy! T.J. is a great player, a real fast running back and I know we are excited to get him and a bunch of other guys. We have a lot of talent coming in and him putting up those numbers is just insane. I am very excited to play with him.

KIH: A lot of attention has been made on player safety over the past few years particular at the Qb position. Do you feel enough has been done in order to protect the players or do you feel it has taken a bit away from the rugged game of football?

MT: I think they are doing a good job enforcing the rules. The game has gotten away from the fundamentals, instead of wrapping up the lower body and bringing the man down a lot of players are going for the big hit now a days which is all right but there is the rule that you cant go head to head in order to protect people. You want to keep the game of football as aggressive as possible because that’s how it has been and that’s why it is so fun to play and fun to watch

KIH: What are you thoughts on recent realignment within the ACC? In your opinion should schools stay true to their conference or do you look forward to the challenge of competing with the new ACC programs such as Notre Dame and Syracuse?

MT: I think it is a great thing, you try to make strong power conferences. If it is better for the University to move conferences, I don’t see any problem with it. I just picked one school and I am happy with the conference they are in and the teams that we will play, whatever happens after that is out of my control.

KIH: Now that your Senior year is coming to an end what will your off season schedule consist of and what are your goals for your Freshman season at Chapel Hill?

MT: I am finishing up High School now and I am going to graduate early and enroll at North Carolina and start spring classes there. They will put me on a lifting program with the rest of the team and I will basically become part of the team. My goal is to get bigger, faster and stronger. I want to have a great off season and compete for the starting job. Going in, I am going to push the starter and hopefully make an impact on the team, make everyone better and try to be a great team player and contribute all I can to the University. I am really looking forward to it.

Tar Heel Nation can find Mitch in the December 3rd issue of

Sports Illustrated under their “Faces in the Crowd” section and can keep up with the future Tar Heel signal caller on Twitter @Mtrubisky10