Quit Your Ramblin’


Well it’s time for another segment of Quit Your Ramblin’! I gotta tell ya, this for me has been the most anticipated segment of the year. Week in and week out, us Tar Heel fans have to listen to the most obnoxious, ignorant, and down right disgraceful (sometimes racist) comments from the fans of NC State. For five long, grueling years, North Carolina has gotten beat and sometimes embarrassed by their little brother down in Raleigh. I hope that this Saturday marks the end of a streak that’s been long overdue to end and we can finally shut the Wolfpack faithful up. We’re less than two days away and State fans are already running their mouths and sounding as dumb as ever. Unfortunately, Tar Heel fans are retaliating and while I can relate to their words a little more, the commentary isn’t the classiest. So to make us look better………..I chose not to post it! If you’re a State fan and mad about it then take a hike. My post, my rules.

Mandatory Credit: Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

And without further delay, enjoy stupidity!

"The Pack owns those clowns….this will be six years in a row! Carolina couldn’t even beat Duke or Wake Forest. Combine that with State’s impressive win over the Noles and you can’t possibly make Carolina the pregame favorite. State’s also going to beat them in basketball this year. You wait and see!-wes040994"

"UNC’s DADDY, Coach TO, moves to 6-0 against UNC as NCSU’s HC.-UteSunDevil"

"Time to drown those wolf pups in the bathtub!-Illegal…Touching"

"THE CHEATIN’didn’t stopTHE BEATIN’-GotNCState"

"The Wolfsack may have the 28th ranked defense but they have not yet faced a running back of Gio’s caliber. I think these cocky NCSU fans have no idea what they are in for. Carolina 35 Wolfsack 16 -Heel_Fan_From_Cradle_2_Grave"

Now that was just a sample from both parties individually. For the grand finale…….check out this conversation!

"NC State’s marching band was just parading through UNC campus. At 10 PM. On a Wednesday night. So much work they give over there at Old McDonald State College! No wonder State fans have so much time to criticize UNC’s academic record… they have none of their own-caljohnson21——————–i think that the engineering department would disagree with you there-chipmcgee123——————–State’s third tier engineering department? The pride of their school… Please-caljohnson21——————–3rd tier? lol Graduate program is #31 Undergraduate program is #27Hell, the Vet school is #3Either way this don’t matter. We are talking football not academics.-packbandgeek——————–Huh I thought they were higher ranked than that, still good, but I thought it’d be higher-whittbt——————–LMFAO if only you knew how many of those 300 or so band players were in highly technical majors.-packbandgeek——————–I’m sure all the UNC students are packed in the library at 10 PM studying for their AFAM and naval weapons systems midterms.-djokin_me——————–Yes, because all UNC students are AFAM and PWAD majors. Maybe if you read a book, you’d know UNC’s top three majors are Biology, BA, and Journalism all of which are top-10 UG programs in the nation. The best at State? Engineering… no. 31 in the country.-caljohnson21——————–and UNC tells their trumpet section not to retaliate? Sweet baby Jesus, they have watered down this rivalry-JustKeepingItRealPartDeux——————–Shut the hell up and go suck a d**k caljohnson21.-Bigboycory17——————–Look everyone, its a keyboard warrior!-JustKeepingItRealPartDeux——————–A well reasoned and carefully thought through comeback. Glad to see they’re teaching critical thinking skills at the Raleigh Trade School.-caljohnson21——————–Comparing UNC academics to State academics is a complete joke. Yes, Carolina has had some impropriety recently withing 1 department, but don’t let #UNCheat get you too fired up state fans. I could have gotten into NCSU when I was in 7th grade, but I never got the sign up sheet. What a joke.Fresh1179"

Haha is there some bitterness here? Enjoy the game everyone. Go Heels!