UNC Basketball: Talk of James Michael McAdoo Going Pro is Ridiculous


Dear James Michael McAdoo,

You played really well at the end of the season.  When John Henson was injured in the ACC Tournament, you came through for us and did a great job.  People are “projecting” you as a first round pick.  Many of these people are the same people that “projected” you would dominate college basketball your freshman season.  Your one heck of an athlete Mr. McAdoo and one day, your going to be a killer NBA player.  But it’s not your time yet, you need to come back to North Carolina and become a star in college first.  Anyone who tells you otherwise, is not truly looking out for your best interest.  Let me explain.

McAdoo struggled for most of his freshman season.  Not only did he struggle, he looked lost, especially on the defensive end.  Often out of position and caught reacting late to the play, the freshman had a bad habit of committing very unnecessary fouls.  He never really got going offensively either.  A very talented, face up, attacking power player, McAdoo never figured out how to incorporate his game into the offense.  It wasn’t until late in the season that he stopped rushing his shot as soon as he touched the ball.  When he started to figure things out and settle down on the court, McAdoo was a beast.

He looked like a player who could easily become an All-American next season.  The athleticism that comes exploding out of his when he goes the length of the floor and dunks the ball effortlessly is amazing.  He can hit the mid range jumper, drive to the basket like a perimeter player, handle the ball and finish like a mad man.  He’s strong around the basket and has the potential to be a great rebounder.  He needs a lot of work on the defensive end, but with his type of skill, he should be able to improve easily with another season, or two.

Going to the NBA would expose McAdoo to becoming the next Brandon Wright or Ed Davis.  It would be very hard to become the next Bob McAdoo after just one season of development, playing behind two superstars in Carolina.  With Tyler Zeller graduating and John Henson likely to go pro, McAdoo is almost guaranteed a ton of playing time and a starting role.

One of the reasons I love the NFL more than any other pro sport is the fact that they get it right when it comes to rookies.  The MLB and NBA draft too much on potential and far too many tremendous, talented young athletes careers are ruined because they go pro to early.  In the NFL, you can’t declare until after your junior year.  I’d love for the NBA to extend the rule by at least one year.  Players like James Michael McAdoo belong in school as sophomores, not lost puppy NBA rookies.

To his credit it sounds like he’s leaning towards returning to Chapel Hill.  Even coming in as a freshman when he was touted as a top five recruit and a potential top five pick in this years draft McAdoo shrugged off the one and done motion.  Here’s what he had to say recently:

"“There’s no timetable. I’m not really thinking about that right now,” McAdoo said, when asked if there was an NBA decision in his future. “We’ve just got to learn from this, I guess. Just remember this feeling and bottle it up and use it for motivation.”"

Here’s what his father had to say:

"“James is coming home this weekend and we’re going to sit down and just look at the pros and cons and weigh his options right now,” the elder McAdoo said in a phone interview. “I know a lot of these mock drafts have him at No. 6 and No. 7 and in the top-10.“Right now, our intentions and his intention is to be at Carolina next year.”"

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