Anti-Duke Manifesto-The Complete Hate

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Editors Note: As part of our UNC vs Duke game day mini tradition here at Keeping It Heel.  We share with you the greatest Anti-Duke, Dook hate column ever written.   I figured even though the Blue Devils choked and didn’t make it to face the Tar Heels in the ACC Tournament Finals today. Why rob Tar Heel Nation of Dook hate when you know all you want to do is let it out!

“The Anti-Duke Manifesto” was written by Brian Allen, a graduate of both UNC and Duke Law. He has some very interesting points to make about Duke and why people hate the basketball program so very much, it’s a very long read but one that has become the Duke Hater’s bible.  Now that all the chapters have been published I thought it was only appropriate to publish the whole manifesto the day we go to battle with the scum known as Duke.

WHY WE HATE DUKE – A Comprehensive Analysis

Second Edition

Foreword to the Second Edition

I initially drafted this document for two related reasons: (1) as a candid response to the multitude of persons who constantly ask the question, ‘Why do people hate Duke so much?’ and (2) as a contribution to an undergraduate alumni group that is forever unified in its Duke enmity. It seemed the least I could do for my brethren, particularly the group leader who does such excellent work keeping us all united and updated in our anti-Duke sentiments via email. I fully expected the initial draft to be shared with the 200+ members of the alumni group. I did not anticipate that it would from there be posted all over the Internet on various sports message boards. National sports boards, such as ESPN’s Sportsnation, kicked this around pretty thoroughly with over a hundred reader comments. It was a natural post for and From there, individual school boards posted it, with Maryland’s sparking another lengthy thread of commentary and cleverly dubbing the essay the ‘Anti-Duke Manifesto.’ I have seen it on other school athletic sites, including UVA’s, Kentucky’s, Virginia Tech’s, NC State’s, UCLA’s, and several others. It was recently referenced in the New York Times in a lengthy article on Coach K.

One of my former co-workers, a UK grad, suggested I update the essay on an annual basis since there is always more discussion to be added. Given the circulation that it seems to be getting, I will, from time to time, update this work as appropriate, (but no guarantees as to annually).

The comments I read from the original edition have been generally positive and appreciate. I have also reviewed a number of comments from Duke defenders, who were surprisingly limited in the substance of their rebuttals. The chief reader retorts/criticisms, from both supporters and detractors of the original piece, have been the following: