Tar Heel in Afghanistan


Tar Heel in Afghanistan
First Installment
Doesn’t It Feel Good To Be Right: UNC Baskeball Style

"“So come March when the bandwagon is filling up again just remember you and I never jumped off and Duke no matter what anyone may tell you still SUCKS.” – Ben Williams"

Yes Heels fans I wrote that very sentence on Feb 2nd. Well looky here it is March and guess who wants back on UNC’s bandwagon…. EVERY SPORTS MEDIA OUTLET ON EARTH. Mainly I am looking at you ESPN and CBS people like Jeff Goodman, Seth Davis, Len Elmore and the list goes on and on. Oh, so now UNC is a legit title contender now that they have demolished Duke at home. An 18 point win in HIS is what it took to get the attention of the close mined national sports media. It wasn’t more than a month ago that the bumbling failure of an announcer Len Elmore called UNC the FOURTH best team in the ACC. Well now everyone wants back on the bandwagon for the same reason we never got off. UNC has more veteran talent that anyone in the country and are an elite level team.
Well OUR BANDWAGON IS FULL! We don’t want you, we don’t need you, stay away!
I want the media to continue to bash this team like they have for the past three months. It seems to motivate every one of them and I love it. Sadly it doesn’t look like that will continue to happen. Fortunately we did get some good news this week. The ACC media was dumb enough to leave Kendall Marshall off the All-ACC first team. Yes I know I couldn’t believe it either, the guy who is running the #1 scoring BCS offense in the country and will likely win the Bob Cousy Award for being the best PG in the country was left off the 1st Team ACC list. Thanks guys I can always count on you to help motivate my Heels. You have bashed them all season and now you disrespected the best PG in the country. PERFECT.  Does anyone doubt Kendall Marshall will make a statement in the next month? The consummate team player knows how to do just that without making it about him. This team runs when he is at his best and I think we are getting ready to see the best version of KM yet.

A little motivation was just what the 2005 team needed and I think this 2012 team is much like that team. The 2005 team lost some games it admitted it shouldn’t have. Their talent was never questioned but their intangibles were. Much like that team this 2012 team have stumbled a couple times along the way and are not the outright favorite to win it all. As a result their “want to”, fire, and defense are questioned constantly. Their record setting PG apparently isn’t good enough and is playing too much. What the media fails to acknowledge are the injuries this team has sustained. No other top team in the country has had to deal with 2 of their top 7 players going down yet the job they have done filling the holes and getting better every game (with masterful work from Roy Williams) it awesome. That has this team upset and there is nothing like a pissed off group of future NBA players lined up to hit the floor with a HOF Coach. They are playing pissed off and on a mission. The rest of the country is scared as they should be. Hell, the Heels have scared the media that bashed them all season long into submission. If it was up to me though they would continue to bash the Heels all the way to their 7th National Championship!