UNC Basketball: DaggumRoy’s Mailbox


Editors Note: The world of social media has captured most of the world by now.  Tar Heel Nation is no exception, in fact, in this column, Keeping It Heel was able to catch up with the Ol’ ball coach himself.  Well, sorta, for those of you on Twitter, @DaggumRoy needs no introduction.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to Keeping It Heel’s newest contributor @DaggumRoy.  In his first column, Daggum reaches into his mailbox and answers some of your questions. 

Q: The boys are starting to shoot better at the foul line, Daggum, what’s behind the improvement?

@DaggumRoy:Well, what it is, is wont-to.  Wont-to and about 13,000 datgum steps up and down the Dean Dome, ‘scuse me, Smith Center starways. ‘Cause don’t nobody Wont To run up and down them dang thangs no more.  Except for Stillman.  Ain’t that right, Stillman.  Move!

Q: You started the seniors against Maryland on senior night.  Was there any worries about sitting guys like Kendall Marshall, Harrison Barnes and John Henson in a game this big?

Q: Harrison Barnes has really taken off as of late.  What have you told him about becoming a leader as the season comes down the final stretches?

@DaggumRoy: Ol’ 2nd-Half Harrson?  What have I told him?  Told him Might Could use him in 1st half of some of these dang ballgames.  Gotdern, son, tryin’ a win a ballgame ‘har, be nice to see ya for full 40.  ‘Course, now, ‘at new 10-Colar pregame reg’men got him on ain’t hurtin’ none.

Q: When Nerlens Noel comes to visit in March, who do you plan on having show him around?

Q: What’s wrong with PJ Hairston?

@DaggumRoy:Got the yips.

Q: Any trouble lately with anyone in the Rams Club?  I know they’ve upset you before by selling tickets to opposing fans.

@DaggumRoy: No, I think when we had that come-to-Dean meeting after the UNLV dust-up, thangs got cleared up pretta daggum quick with these Rams Club f**kers, er, sons a guns.  Cain’t have any these opposing team types spoonin’ in behind me or ma bench.  That’s the fam’ly section, cotdamnit.

Q: If you could play a round of golf and beat three trolls from Duke who would he choose to humiliate?

@DaggumRoy: What you’re talkin’ bout thar is my Wednesday golfin’ over at Pine Bluff with Mike and Woja and Chris Collins feller.  Now, if we could sub out a Plumla for Collie, that’d prob’la be alright.  That sumbitch owes me lot a money, now.

Q: Why are you playing golf with DUKE coaches?

@DaggumRoy: Take thar lunch money, son.  Gotdern.   Mike makes up’ards of like $12 million a yr.  Pretty daggum good buffet for Ol Roy on $1000 a hole Nassa’s.
Why u think Mike’s so worked up at these ballgames?  Tryin’ a win ‘at money back.

Q: How are the boys feeling heading into Durham?

Q: What does the ACC regular season championship mean to you?

@DaggumRoy: ACC reg’lar season championships are kind er like Co-Cola’s or sweatervests or b*ttholes, everbody’s got one but… no, that ain’t how it goes.  Championships is like ice-cold Co-Colar’s and Caroliner blue sweatervests — you cain’t never have too dadgum many of ’em.  Tell ya what, I’d liked to have another crack at one them NC2A ones.  If ‘at dang Hensern don’t F er up for me.  … What?  You ain’t recordin’ this, are ya?

Have some questions for @DaggumRoy?  Send them to keepingitheel@gmail.com and you could see, the Ol’ ball coach respond the next time he opens up his mailbox.