UNC Baseball: Tar Heels vs. Wright State: Another Trip To Boshamer


Rain.Rain……………….Rain and more Rain.

Fitting for the first line of my second installment documenting my wonderful journeys to Boshamer Stadium.(It was either something simple like a few words or some corny song or catch-phrase describing the scene that’s always hit or miss when pushing for a good intro.)

Though this was the second game I’ve attended that was effected by rain in some way, I must also point out it is yet again another victory the Heels would acquire while I was in attendance.

Call it what you want. (Like me being potentially a lucky charm or something of that sort)

So far facts are facts with me in Chapel Hill for Diamond Heel games.

Besides UNC just winning these first two games, they have also trounced the opposing team in both occasions. If you recall Trip 1, Xavier was victim to the Heels 10 run twelve hit onslaught. Kent Emanuel was the Opening Day starter and well deserving he was.

Following my Opening Day experience of  A+ plus weather with sun, I was more than disappointed during my drive once I encountered rain North of Sanford. The further I drove it only increased little by little until I then asked my friend

“You wonder if the Game is canceled,……or even maybe delayed? ”

I figured that was the hint to check it out on the one of two Smart Phones in the vehicle.

Sure enough, long story , no later than 25 minutes I would ask that very same question to the women attendant at the Parking complex rite next to Boshamer.

She would then answer,

“I don’t believe so”

The rain was not so consistent by then and the worst was yet to come. I would also find out later, shortly after I walked out of the Parking Complex on my way to the Tsunami that was approaching outside. That someone on behalf of UNC must have kindly informed the parking attendant the game had been Delayed from 3 PM to 7PM. (Of course i was gone)

Needless to say, the rain cease to exist by the new schedule time and not even that could slow down the train that would run over the Wright State Raiders. The name of that train was just about everybody who put on Tar Heel Blue that rainy night.

Including the fans like myself who stuck around. Even though I should have left once it started getting cold, I decided to make my buddy stick around with and keep box score.

Overall it was another great game played by the Diamond Heels. They put up 17 runs and collectively pitched a gem all things considered. I started feeling bad for the Wright State players in the sense asking myself, “do they really gotta keep taking this beating”.

I guess they could have fought back, but 4 innings into the game it was evident that wasn’t happening. They continuously were beat like a drum the entire game, top and bottom of each inning.

I guess that was the added fuel to the fire of getting me to stay despite the weather.

Hopefully my next scheduled adventure has a similar outcome in retrospect of the physical Game and not the miserable weather.

In fact, if the University of Southern California could bring their weather with them East to Chapel Hill when they get here, (for the anticipated Series Opener Friday) it might make losing like recent visitors a little more comfortable.

Well,……… More comfortable for me at least.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my “Trips to Boshamer” following sometime after the USC Trojans come to town to take on the Diamond Heels. The three game series begins Friday March second at 3 pm barring any weather or changes

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