UNC Baseball: My first trip to Boshamer Stadium


First trip to Boshamer results in UNC win and exceeded my personal expectations at every turn.

From the seemingly cheap 5 dollar parking within walking distance, to the surprisingly delicious, affordable, under 10 dollar Italian Sausage combo with fries. Everything I experienced on my first trip to Boshamer well exceeded even my high expectations.

Not only was the food at their concessions affordable, everything I could see and smell looked delightful. I was more so tempted to starve myself until after the game, assuming prices would involve me giving up my first born or something along those lines. But, upon seeing a small line behind section 107 after UNC smacked around Xavier in the bottom of the first, I felt now would be a good time to at least look.

Yea, by that time I was getting something. And sure enough, like I said to start, I was introduced to a taste-bud pleasing Sausage with peppers and a little bit of ketchup and mustard. Being the Midwesterner I am, I knew a good sausage or bratwurst when I tasted one and that sure was.
Shout-out to whoever cooked it. So good I will be eating another upon my return February 24th when Horizon League favorite Wright State comes to town.

Lets just say it was redemption for my bad selection a week prior at the RBC center.
Had to throw away a nasty, tasteless, waste of money, 9 dollar burger after one bite! Like anyone has money for that.

Back at Boshamer though, things just kept getting better. By the time I had made my way to the UNC memorabilia and clothing booth the Diamond Heels had climbed to a 8-2 lead that would never be relinquished. Even though I knew what I wanted from the time I walked in, I gave time to look around and possibly re-consider.

No way!
I pulled out 28 dollars and paid the young lady for my beautiful new Home White Diamond Heels Nike fitted hat. Not to bad considering, I mean, I wasn’t at Lids now with a discount card!

Too good to be true. That’s all I could keep saying. The food, the gear, the cheap ticket I forgot to mention. Only 7 dollars to get in and pretty much sit anywhere you want. It was all well under what I had anticipated spending. Maybe because I’m so use to professional stadiums and everything that goes along with those.

With that said, I couldn’t agree more with the fact that they don’t sell beer. (I’m confident its an NCAA rule nationwide) I was glad to know I wouldn’t have to here that lonesome Xavier fan. The one that traveled with the team now screaming like a nut after having one too many. Appearing as though the Musketeers were not the only ones getting hammered at Boshamer.
Thank goodness that was not the case!

I guess I didn’t put it together I was on a College campus while also at the game. Meaning,I think the UNC objective for fans and students alike would be similar. For them both to come to any athletic event on campus and have it be affordable and enjoyable. Being it was my first time on the Chapel Hill campus I could tell from the beginning that southern hospitality and comfortable family feeling was something they prided themselves on. Definitely a destination I would suggest to any Heels fan.

In a picture perfect sports world that would be the case nationwide. Unfortunately nowadays that doesn’t happen at too many stadiums. The combination of a team worth watching and ticket prices worth paying. Great thing for Diamond Heels fans like myself UNC has both of those things.

Both things I will be taking full advantage of as a fan of the Heels this season. Being able to watch this team grow throughout the season on their way to another College World Series will be interesting to watch. That along with my new found fascination of Boshamer Stadium had me purchase tickets to two more games once leaving.

Games against Wright State this coming Friday and then a much anticipated Big Game March 2nd when  the cross country USC Trojans come to Chapel Hill. Exciting indeed.

Until then, stay tuned for another “Trip to Boshamer” column following sometime after UNC kicks off their series with Wright State.

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