Before LIN-Sanity there was VIN-Sanity


After the two met up on Sunday the 19th, I couldn’t help but wonder if Vince Carter would approach the young point guard and ask for some endorsement rights of his own.

Jeremy Lin has busted onto the scene and became an overnight sensation after leading the New York Knicks to a 8 game winning streak. Before landing his starting job at point guard, some say Lin was on his way to being cut from his 3rd different team in just his 2nd pro season.

After all of the new verbiage with his name, following this month we may call it LIN-bruary! This month he has averaged over 22 points and 7 assists while leading New York back to a respectable record of 16-16 after a slow start to the season.

He continues to overachieve, by continuing to do things few have done. After another outstanding 28 point 14 assist performance vs. the Mavericks, Lin became one of only five to score as many points in his first 8 career starts in the NBA. Joining the likes of Bernard King, Michael Jordan, Brandon Jennings and Shaquille O’Neal.  In those eight games he is averaging 25 points and 9.5 assists per game.

Flat out amazing. What Jeremy Lin is doing to bring back the NBA in a lockout year reminds me of what Hideo Nomo did with the LA Dodgers in the mid-90’s.  Following an entire season missed in MLB due to the similar labor situation that faced the NBA and NFL recently.

The way the two came on the scene and brought back eyes and ears to a sport desperately needing them in a time of need is very similar. Then on top of  that, them being of Asian decent and basically thriving in an American sport when most would say they could not makes their achievements that much higher. I credit Lin alone with bringing my eyes back to the  NBA full-time.

What Lin has done in short time is just flat out amazing and great for the NBA.  But was he the first with the SANITY put behind his name. Was he the first to take a team and city by storm and cause and international phenomenon?

The answer is NO. Everyone in America was quick to forget about the original and that was VINSANITY!

Vince Carter. Half man, Half amazing. The guy who could jump out of arenas and dunk over 7 footers. Oh yea, that guy!

Well I haven’t forgot about him. And when I heard about Jeremy Lin trademarking his name and making a lil’ extra cash off of it, I couldn’t help but wonder where Carter has been in all of this. Or if he even cares now that he isn’t quite the same Carter he once was.

Either way, it isn’t my money

VINC-sanity came first and I just want all of those too young to remember this fact.
Yea, Lin is great and has that stimulating Tim Tebow underdog effect on me and half of the country.
That still doesn’t mean we cant extend a hand to old man VC and say “Hey, we remember you were the first” and give little credit where it is due!

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