Write About The UNC Tar Heels: Keeping It Heel Is Hiring


Keeping it Heel is continuing it’s efforts to expand it’s staff.  We are currently looking to fill several different positions.

Description: Staff Writer Keeping it Heel is looking to add staff writers (Non writing positions are available below) to fall into one of two categories.  The first being the core sports writers focusing primarily on basketball and football coverage.  We are in particular need of  writers in the following sports: Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse and Women’s Sports.  We recently added an NCAA Ombudsman to the staff to report on the entire NCAA landscape.  We also seek an ACC Ombudsman to focus on the ACC and report on each team in 2 weekly columns.  Right now we are accepting applications for all sports.  We are in immediate need of writers to focus on Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse, ACC Ombudsman and Women’s Sports and those applications will be given priority.   Those with the ability to cover the recruiting scene will also be given priority.

We are especially seeking University of North Carolina current students as well as alumni to add to our staff.  Non writing positions are available below.


– Submit two columns per-week at agreed upon days and times.  (campus corespondent required 1-2 submission per month)

– Responsible for coming up with original, numerous and provocative content that will help spur conversation and debate.

-Submit columns that are well formatted and free of errors.

-Writers should be active in participating in the comments section of not only their columns but the columns of other writers on the site.

Experience writing in WordPress is preferred but not required.

We are looking for very strong writers.

Reliability is a must.

To apply: Please submit a brief cover letter explaining why you want to write for Keeping It Heel. Please also include a writing sample of at least 500 words that you feel best represents the type of work you feel you can provide on a week-to-week basis.  Send all applications to keepingitheel@gmail.com

This is not a paid position.

Other Openings at Keeping it Heel:

Art Director: Keeping It Heel is looking for an art director to create graphics for the sites featured columns.  KIH runs several weekly columns that need a touch of style.  The sites art director will be expected to communicate with the sites staff on a weekly basis and provide the site with quality, original graphics.  Applications for art directors should design a new main symbol for KIH with emphasis on originality.

ACC Ombudsman: We also seek an ACC Ombudsman to focus on the ACC and report on each team in 2 weekly columns.  Applicant should send a review of at least two ACC schools (other than UNC) or a column on ACC conference expansion.

Recruiting Expert: We are looking for someone with extensive knowledge of both the basketball and football recruiting scene.  Responsibilities will include reporting on all Tar Heel recruiting news.  Will also need to provide coverage on ACC & NCAA recruiting news and coverage.  We are immediately seeking a candidate to cover both basketball and football.  Candidates with the ability to cover only one will be considered on a case by case basis.  Baseball and Hockey writers with recruiting knowledge will be given priority, as will any other candidates who can cover baseball & or hockey in addition to basketball & or football.

The Hub Administrator: Are you a big UNC fan but just don’t have the time or desire to write for the site?  We are looking for an administrator of our new feature The Hub.  The Hub provides readers with the latest News Links/Tweets/Videos and Quotes from all over the web on everything Tar Heel.  The Hub Administrator needs to be someone familiar with UNC/ACC and NCAA sports sites around the net.  Should be passionate about bringing the very best and latest Tar Heel news to our readers.  Responsibilities would include updating all the categories in The Hub at least 4 days per week.  The update process is quick and easy once it is learned.  The Hub Administrator should be a fan of at least two UNC sports teams and have a good understanding of how to navigate the internet and find the very best Tar Heel content to bring to our readers.  Will also assist the editor in updating sites sub pages on occasion.

UNC Campus Bar Corespondent: We are looking for someone to contribute to a new Tar Heel Bars feature that will have reviews of each UNC bar on campus, this could be a regular thing or a 1 time series depending on the candidate.  Sample submission should be a review of 1 UNC bar or a side by side comparison of competing establishments.  Candidate should be a UNC student or someone who frequents the Tar Heel campus bar scene.

Photographer: Any student photographers or hobbyist that want to see their pictures of around campus and especially at sporting events on the web?  Keeping it Heel is looking for a campus photographer to submit photos for the sites features section and to be used in author posts.  Photographers applications will be considered on a case by case basis, please send at least 10 sample photos with a brief bio of your photography work and experience.  Candidate should have regular access to University campus and frequent sporting events.

These are not paid positions

*Application submission details below*

Here at  Keeping It Heel  we do our very best to bring you the very best UNC coverage on the net!

Part of the mission of the FanSided  Network, is to encourage our community of readers to share their opinions and thoughts on their favorite teams. Our writers don’t hold back and we don’t expect our readers to either. We want to give you the best coverage and opinions on your favorite team from the fan perspective that is so often missing from traditional sports media. We believe sports coverage doesn’t have to be dry, boring and without opinion.

Keeping it Heel  is the newest site on the FanSided Network  and we are expanding our staff here at Keeping it Heel to give you more content and a broader perspective!

These positions are not paid although many of our contributing writers and other staff members move into paid staff positions as vacancies and opportunities arise. Being a writer or contributor for a FanSided blog also offers excellent exposure and a chance to sharpen not only your skills but your view of your favorite team. There is tremendous opportunity for growth within FanSided to those who seek it.

If you are interested in being a regular contributor to Keeping it Heel, please submit a writing sample concerning the Tar Heels sports, any category listed above is acceptable. Applicants sample should be roughly between 300-500 words.  Applicants applying for non writer positions please see the posting for details.

Please send all submissions to: keepingitheel@gmail.com.

We will be contact all applicants within 5 days regardless of interest. Thanks in advance for applying and for sharing your work.  Some writers depending on experience, may be required to go through a trial period before being accepted as a staff member.

To suggest a UNC or ACC related news piece or to link your site to our blog roll and news wire contact keeping it heel founder and president  Matt via email keepingitheel@gmail.com.

Thanks and Keep it Heel!

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These are not paid positions

*By submitting a sample you agree that keepingitheel.com can use any of your sample at its own desire at any time with or without crediting you regardless of submitters application status.*